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    Gotho Doggo Go Brr—

    She’s kissing me. I think she likes it...?

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    No One:

    My awesomely supportive friends hyping up the garbage I write:

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  • Saturday

    (After managing to free the rest of the prisoners from the containment facility, Oculus, Wasp, and Hornet escape from the building...)

    *huff* “Whew... that was... fuckin’ A... heh, I finally feel like my old self again...”

    (But that’s when Oculus’ ears burst, bleeding violently...)

    ”Oh... there it is... damn it...”

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  • Saturday

    (Oculus continues to cough and gasp...)

    ”Morphy... C’mon, you can do it....”

    ”Ugh... I...I...”

    ”Oculus... there’s no way we’re gonna leave you here... we gotta come up with something...”

    ”Wait... Wait, I have an idea...”

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  • Saturday
    Drake But Drake

    He’s Drake-ly Drake.


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I Can Make You · 3:03pm August 7th

(Hikari found herself in the middle of the woods, staring into an abandoned, wooden cabin...

When she saw who was inside, looking right back at her, she hid...)

”Come in, come in.”


(Oculus beckoned her over from his place in the house. When Hikari finally put it past herself, she entered to find Oculus dancing on his hooves in an old timey manner...

The suddenly discovered that they happened to be in some sort of cartoon format. She was wearing a generic cartoon dress, and Oculus a tuxedo...)

”I can make the lights go out...”

(As Oculus sung, the lights flickered off, then on...)

”I can make the wooden boards go ra-ra- ”-ta-“ -ta- ”-tat.”

”I can make the world seem sloooow...


“Tickle your nose...” (”Hehehe!~) ”...And after that,”

”I can make your teeth fall out~”

(Hikari gasped as all her teeth fell out, one by one...)


”I can make you go bliiind as a bat...”

(Hikari’s eyes literally popped, leaving nothing but empty, bloody sockets...

As she felt for the door, she banged on it, pulling on the knob...)

”Help! Help!”

”I can make you feel diiizzy...”

(Hikari fell to the floor, feeling as if she were about to throw up...)

”Go to sleep and I’ll feed you to my cat.”

(Hikari jolts awake in a cold sweat, gasping for air...)

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Comments ( 11 )

She's having a nightmare? Good.

Heh. It’s not just her. Or, something. Pretty soon, everyone will be having dreams about Oc.

Oh...is it his way of talking with them?

Well, you could say that.

Oh...or are they just thinking about him and it manifests into dreams?

Mhm. Precisely.

Like, since Hikari’s so hung over Umbra not forgiving her, she’s now feeling guilty for killing Oculus.

Huh. Well, at least Hikari's feeling guilty about what she did

Heh, yeah. Next up is Ocellus.

I look forward to seeing her dream about him

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