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Hit · 10:50pm Aug 6th, 2020

(With one final swing, Umbra finally manages to take out the last of Hikari’s chains. Suddenly, he feels grateful that Oculus thought about taking out her vitals first...)

”So... that’s it? You’re just... gonna kill me...? And leave me to die?”

”Umbra wants none of that to happen. An apology would be... acceptable.”

”You... you would. After all that noble shadow warrior bullshit...”

”Hikari. I won, you lost. Just accept facts and move on. There is no need to hang on to something so outdated, it’s ridiculous.”

It’s not ridiculous!

(Hikari lunges forward at Umbra from her vulnerable position, barely acknowledging that she can no longer move...)


(Hikari begins to cry...)

”I just... I just wanted you to love me again, Umbra! I did this for you! I did all of this for you! I love you, Umbra, I really do!!”

“If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have killed Oculus.”

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Comments ( 36 )

Wow...Umbra is awesome. And not just because he's offering forgiveness.

But... but...

But Hikari killed Oculus...

He's offering forgiveness and still reprimanding her for what she did to...to Oculus...speaking of, he...he's gonna come back, right?

Why offer forgiveness?

Honorable warrior stuff, apparently.

According to Hikari, his "hero complex" or something

But she killed someone...

Yeah, yeah, I get that

Yeah...true...but I never said I'd forgive her, I wouldn't

N-No...he...he has to come back...he has to...

I really want him to...

Well, I guess he just... won’t. Sometimes there can’t be a magical fix to everything.

I guess so...still...Oculus...

Yeah. At least he did some damage to Hikari. Made it easier for Umbra, at least a bit.

True...and our memories of him will live on...

Mhm. I’m just concerned about Ocellus.

Me too...she loves him...

Well, I don’t wanna be that guy, but like... loved. Because, ah... he’s...

True...but just because he's gone doesn't mean she doesn't still love him...

You’re not wrong, it’s just... you know, it’d be best for her to move on.

Yeah, I know. But if Oculus isn’t coming back, then...

Still doubt that Hikari deserves forgiveness that easily.

True...If it were up to me, I'd kill her, then douse her in Phoenix tears, kill her again, go down to the underworld, drag her back to the surface, burn her at the stake, then dance on her ashes before reviving her again and offering redemption.

Umbra already defeated her. At this point, she’s already at rock bottom.

So she'd be in a lot of pain and get a chance to understand what she did wrong. Point is I'd kill her rather than immediately offering forgiveness

Heh, Umbra wouldn’t.

So, Umbra wouldn’t kill her. He’s too... Umbra to actually finish her off.

True...I do admire that about him...


Yeah. He's noble and pure enough to not stoop to her level and kill her in return. Not a lot of heroes would be willing to do that.

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