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Added something to my short story anthology, and also there's this · 5:57am Aug 6th, 2020

“Pinkie,” said Twilight evenly. “I’m not gonna judge you for your actions, and I know we all need a friend sometimes, but I just gotta know. Why’d you do it?”

“Oh Twilight,” laughed Pinkie Pie, from atop her throne of bones. “Sometimes, you don’t need a reason! You just do things to see what happens!”

Twilight sighed and brushed the ashes of those who dared to oppose her from the ground before taking a seat. This was gonna take a while. “Usually, when ponies say that sort of thing, they mean they’re going to try something new on the menu at a restaurant, or something of that nature.”

“But I did!” Pinkie waved her bloody scepter dramatically, and Twilight flinched despite herself. “I ordered something new!”

“They don’t usually mean murder, Pinkie!” Twilight said, as the world burned around them. “This is not what being spontaneous usually implies!”

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No. Bad Pinkie. No apocalypses during work hours.

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