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POLL: "Bullying Cartoon Characters" · 12:17am August 6th

I just want honest opinions...

If you attack cartoon characters in an fanfic out of personal spite, or it's just part of the script, or both, does that make you a bully in real life?

Also available on Twitter (Closed) https://twitter.com/TheRealDKMykan/status/1291176986824540161

(Yes: 25%)
(No: 75%)

FINAL RESULTS: the NOs have it.

Also available on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duAYaDJJqaU

(Yes: 0%)
(No: 100%)

Strawmen and OCs don't count, I'm talking about Canon Characters (Twilight, Cadance, Celestia, Spike, ect, ect)

EXAMPLE: You write it so Twilight gets punched in the face, or suffers misfortune and gets hurt.

Is that the same equivalent of physically attacking a person in real life?



WHY? (Optional)

There is no Maybe. There is no IT DEPENDS.

It's either "Yes it does make a bully like a real one." "Or No it doesn't."

There is to be no arguing with each other or passing replies and flames. Just VOTE and (If you wish) state why

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Comments ( 7 )

My own Vote:



Because, they are just cartoon characters. They are not alive, and therefore It is not the same as hurting someone real. You are not a real bully hurting a real person.

MrGoose #2 · August 6th · · 6 ·

Nope. They're fictional.

Besides, on the other side of the coin, defending fictional characters won't make them fall head over heels for you anytime soon and/or call you their hero.

If you're writing violence that has to relevance to the story, that makes you a bad writer, not a bully.

Depends. If the character actually deserved it, in canon. I don't mind. But if they're a geninuely good character who is likeable, then it's kind of bad writing to just needlessly kick the crap out of them without reason

tomhur #5 · August 6th · · 2 ·

Well....see...the answer is complicated.

Technically no. There is nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with putting a character you don't like through hell for the sake of a story.

The problem is how and why. When it's out of personal spite then that's a huge problem. And I can understand that impulse I've had it before.

There's a transformers fan series known as Transformers Ascension where my favorite transformers Hot Rod gets killed and he's essentially replaced by another character named Treadshot. I was really pissed off by that and in my own Transformers story, I'm planning I had to resist the urge to have scenes where my universe's version of Treadshot gets humiliated over and over again.

But then I realized...that wouldn't be fair. Because I might be ticked off that Hot Rod died and gets overshadowed but others don't. They might not like it and they would see me doing that as completely mean spirited.

And I don't wanna be seen as that person.

So no. It's not bullying if you write in a character you don't like being tortured.

But it's not gonna make you look good if you do.


Unsure of the context here a bit. If you're asking whether abusing a fictional character is the same "crime" (for lack of a better word) as abusing a real person, then absolutely the answer is no. If you're asking whether a tendency of abusing characters out of spite points to deeper psychological or behavioral issues that might manifest in real life, I'm not sure. I only have the one degree in psychology, I never completed my master's. I know enough to know that I don't know enough to make that kind of assertion.

It definitely makes for an uncomfortable reading experience when an author's negative feelings bleed into the work in ways that don't make sense. Whether that's hate for a certain character or ideology or concept, there's a difference between portraying it in a bad light because that's your belief, and just forcing the audience to watch it get beat up on endlessly for no sensible reason. Even if the story takes a position the audience agrees with, if it's too heavy handed then it can just get unpleasant to sit through. Or, worse, start actually rooting for the side they never would have considered supporting otherwise. Looking at you, Outer Worlds.

I'm inclined to say that the process of writing a story to vent frustration towards something can be a therapeutic thing - punch the punching bag so you don't do the same to a human. But, watching someone work through their personal issues by beating up a punching bag isn't always fun for other people to watch, so, it kind of depends whether your goals are to entertain yourself or others.

For me it depends.

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