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Starfleet Characters: Krysta/Krystaline. · 4:27am August 5th

For those viewing the latest conspiracy on me (Just making it clear)

I did not threaten said user (He's making it all up) I actually have the proof,I can't post it here (against site rules), but I can share it privately.

"You're stuck with me, for life."

--Telling Lightning how much she appreciates him

"A Raindrop to me is about the size of a soccer-ball to you."

--Complaining about her hatred of rain

Queen Krystaline Often referred to as "Krysta" Is a 5 inch tall Warping Fairy from The Planet Luminous, and a main character of the series "My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic" She serves as a companion and lifelong friend of Lightning Dawn, and revealed to be the Fairies Queen. Her appearances have seemed to dwindle in the later seasons, due to her character change and overcrowds of scripting, but remains a loyal friend to Lightning and his friends, and a trusted ally to Starfleet. She is the wife of King Topaz, and in Season 2 becomes the adoptive mother of her son, Twink.


- Queen Krystaline (Alias: Krysta)

-Warping Fairy



-Valley of Fairies, Planet Luminous (Homeworld)
-White Village, Lightning Dawn's house, Planet Unicornicopia (Formerly)
-Grand Ruler Celesto's floating palace, Planet Unicornicopia (Formerly)
-House in New Ponyville, Planet United Equestria (Home away from home)

-Queen of the Warping Fairies
-Companion to Lightning Dawn
-Auxiliary Starfleet Fighter

-Moderate Cyan

Magic Aura:
-White Sparkling


-King Topaz (Husband)
-Prince Twink (Adopted Son)

Voice/Singing Voice:
-Andrea Libman (English)


-Krysta measures at a height of 5 and a half inches tall.
-If Krysta's wings are actually pulled out, or damaged, they will grow back in half a day
-Like all fairies of her kind, Krysta is able to lift upwards of 3000 times her own weight. (3.5 Ounces= 656 lbs)
-Krysta is voiced by Andrea Libman whom also voices Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
-Creator Michael Mikulak presented Libman with a picture of Krysta at a Fan Convention in 2014, to which Libman replied. "Wow! I like this! She looked just like me."
-Due to her small size, Krysta is able to fit into small places, and requires only tiny portions of food.
-Her Starfleet Humans form is a red-breasted robin, who acts as the eyes and ears and scouter for the team.


The inspiration for the character spawned from a mixture of ideas. Creator Michael Mikulak stated: "Just as Twilight Sparkle has Spike as her loyal companion, Lightning Dawn deserves one too, but of a different species, and can be more than just a letter sender." His main ideas main spawned from inspiration of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, in games of which a fairy was the main companion of hero, Link.

There was also the reasoning that having a tiny character being a bigger help in a great way in an effort to prove that size does not always matter. Therefore it was necessary to give Krysta incredible strength and magical abilities, which develop over the course of the first season.



Krystaline was Queen of the Valley of Fairies on the planet Luminous, where the fairies lived in peace, and also guarded a Star Stone, which had been discovered centuries prior, and revealed to had been hidden on the planet by Grand Ruler Celesto.

When the evil Serpentari invaded the valley in search of the stone to increase her power, a great battle ensued, and the fairies managed to repel the evil serpent back with their teleportation skills, but forcing the queen to hide the Star Stone someplace safe so the demon would not return. She had given it to her scouts to hide it on the Planet Equestria, but during the closings of the battle, she was attacked by a Serpent Soldier, forcing her through a dimensional portal that flung her out into space where she slipped off of the dimensional pathway, she reappeared on the Planet Brogan, slamming headfirst into a rock and suffering from amnesia in the process. She had no memory of who she was, where she came from, what she could do... only remembering a small portion of her name-- "Krysta."

Sometime later, she was trapped in a huge spider's web, but was saved from certain death thanks to a Young Lightning Dawn, whom had lost his home planet two years prior. Krysta felt indebted to Lightning, and Lightning, seeing she was lost like he was, agreed to stay by her side which formed their lifelong bond.

Soon, she and Lightning were offered shelter by Grand Ruler Celesto and lived next ten years of their lives training together in the floating palace on Planet Unicornicopia, while at the same time, Lightning did all the research he could to help Krysta try and recover her memories, or at least find out where she was from (Unsuccessfully due to lack of information)

Season 1

Krysta is never seen with Lightning by her side, as they travel the world, and later the cosmos, fighting off Lord Titan's evil forces, and at the same time searching for answers to Krysta's lost memories.

Krysta, though tiny, was shown to be able to lift upwards of 755 pound with her arms alone, but despite this and due to her small size, she did not assist in battle too often for fear of being easily overpowered by larger enemies, but did help out in anyway she could (Dropping huge objects onto the beasts)

Krysta had a tenancy to feel self-conscious about being "One of a kind" the only fairy on the planet, and longing for answers to her past, which nearly ended her and Lighting in huge trouble due to her being persuaded to follow Titan's voice straight into a trap.

She eventually discovered by a fairy scout, whom reveals her true identity and home-world on Planet Luminous, and after a brief visit, the fairies are able to restore her memories and her full power, and just in time as the evil Serpentari strikes again, but is held back and replied into space by she and her army of fairies. In spite of finally having found her home and memories, Krysta still remained loyal to Lightning and his friends for all they did and forged an alliance of the fairies with Starfleet, and assuring Lightning she would be his friend and with him forever, and also revealing the location of the Star Stone on Planet Equestria (Much to Grand Ruler Celesto's shock)

When Super Nightmare Moon enslaved Equestria with an Iron Fist, she was ordered by Celesto to free Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Twilight Sparkel from captivity and bring them to Unicorncopia to determine plans of action, where it was learned that Equestria had only mere hours from exploding due to the irreversible effects of savage earthquakes caused by Nightmare. The plan was to transfer all the inhabitants off the planet to a series of safe worlds founded by Starfleet, thus saving the population.

During this plan, Titan had sent Discord, demonically empowered, to destroy Unicornicopia, force Krysta and her scouts to evacuate that planet as well, and while she escaped to safety, Lightning and the remaining team members failed to go with her (Comforting a distraught Celesto of the devastation) and thus she was unable to return to rescue them (They managed to escape by other means)

The evacuation of Equestria was successful, and Krysta, along with her fairies, gave their wishes of believing so that Grand Celestial Ruler could form the new planet, United Equestria.


Krysta's appearances seem to dwindle, but she still remains loyal to Starfleet and is often there to lend a hand with her magic, her allies, and she and her husband, King Topaz, adopt a son named "Twink." And Krysta is much more assertive in battle, able to take on much bigger foes and provide more aid than ever to the fighters.


In the human world, Krysta takes on the form of a Red-Breasted Robin, where she serves as an aid to Lightning and his friend by scouting for clues, or spying on enemies.

In the first movie, she keeps her intelligence and her ability to talk a secret from Lightning's school-mates, while searching for clues of the whereabouts of the missing Rainbow Rod. Eventually revealing herself to the others, and even discovering-- in the battle of the Crystallites-- that she is capable of sonic waves that can control other nearby birds to aid her in tasks.


Krysta is portrayed as loving and caring, and very rationale, but can often throw fits of frustration, especially when people make fun of her size, but her biggest pet peeve is water (Preferably Rain) due to the fact she is not a good swimmer, and that swimming dampens her wings so she can't fly, and the tiny raindrops are large compared to her size. But she loves Lightning deeply, and considers him like a guardian figure to her for protecting her and helping her find herself and her home. she is a very noble and Honorable;e creature who tries her best to serve Starfleet and her allies as best she can. When in battle she can be very serious, or frightened depending on the severity, but will often not hesitate to assist in battle (if ordered to do so, and it is within her capabilities)


Though fairly tiny Krysta is capable of astonishing abilities and magic

-Super Strength: Krysta is capable of lifting 3000 times her own weight (755 pounds) with her bare hands alone, therefore making her incredibly strong, and even able to damage certain creatures depending on how strong they are.

-Super Speed: Being a magical fairy, she is able fly wicked fast making it nearly impossible to catch her.

-Teleportation: Being a warping fairy, she is capable of teleportation people/creatures and/or objects to various locations instantly on the planet they are on, depending on the size and power of said subject. She is also capable of forming Space Warps to nearby planets (Depending on the distance)

-Wave Warping she is capable of warping small airwaves around her to disorient the enemy, and she also able to form invisible trap holes in the ground.

-Light Beams: She uses her wand to blast powerful light beams at her enemies.

-Bounce Back Portal: (When faced with oncoming energy blasts) she uses her wand to form two portals-- one to absorb the blast, which spits out the other portal sending the blast back to its sender.

-Potion Making: she like all her fairies have a fine knowledge of use of ingredients to create special mixtures of special effects. One of which was a memory restoration serum (allowing any amnesic to recover any lost memories)

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