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Shadow · 12:44am Aug 5th, 2020

”Um, hey... Umbra...”

(Umbra smiles weakly, waving at Passion Fruit to get closer from the bed...)

”Passion, моя любовь, what is going on lately?”

”Umbra... Oculus... Oculus is dead.”

”Wait, what?! Who— who killed him?”

”Your psycho ex-girlfriend. I mean, I don’t know why she turned so quickly, I mean, I t-thought we had her on our side...”

”Hikari... she has gone too far this time...”

”Umbra, she’s already gone too far when she landed you here! Now, she’s.. k-killed Oculus, and... and then she’ll do Celestia knows what...”

”She will not... not if I have any say in it...”

“You don’t.”

(Umbra glares...)

”Passion, this is not your call to make. Hikari is my problem.”

”Oh, yeah, well, you’re doing a kickass job of solving it!”

(Umbra roars at Passion, jerking forward as his teeth show (every single row), and his tongue grows freakishly long. Tentacles start to sprout from his back...

Passion soon steps back as Umbra pulls himself back in pain, realizing that he can’t move as much because of his recent injuries...)



*sigh* “I will handle this, Passion. I do not care what anyone else says.”

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Comments ( 78 )

Let’s hope he makes it out alive...

Umbra, you're still injured, you need to stay put

”He’s not making it out of anywhere because he’s not going anywhere.”

”You don’t get a say in this!”

Who’s going to go after Hikari then?






Ναί! Ακούτε το πάθος και μένετε εδώ!
At this point, anyone else.

Nyet! Umbra refuses to let anyone else die because of his problem!”

Umbra needs to learn that sometimes it's okay to let someone else fight his battles for him!

Melody needs to learn to respect Umbra’s wishes!”

Umbra, be reasonable! How do you expect to beat Hikari if you couldn't do more than growl at Passion?

”I chose not to go any further. I could do lots of other things I wouldn’t do...”

(Umbra bares his fangs again, as tentacles begin to sprout from his back...)

3 Days. That's how long you have till you're fully healed. Don't make me put you down or say this again, we're already dealing with enough as is. *She stare off at the tank with Oculus' body free floating in it*

Let's not test that, you need to rest



”Well, either we wait three days until I am healed, or Hikari dies sooner. Nobody goes after her except me.”

Alright, then I vote wait three days. I'll even put a tracker on her so you can find her right when you're fully healed.

Where do you get a tracker from?

That's the plan. Until then, we are keeping an eye on her. But I haven't seen anything, or anyone get Toast's feathers ruffled this much ever so he may just go after her himself. The fury of a Shadow Lord, now that is scary.

“No. Umbra works alone. No need for tracker.”

You have spells for everything?

Fine, have it your way
Just because I have spells for everything doesn't mean I can do them all. Like Sunburst. He has spells for everything but he can't perform most if not all of them.

Yeah. It also depends on my magical strength. Which is limited

”I can’t believe you’re letting him...”

He said that he'd wait until he was fully healed

If you have a better idea then please, speak up. We're all ears.


*sigh* “I just... don’t want him to be like Oculus...”

I know. *rubs back* But Umbra is more experienced with dealing with Hikari than Oculus. And he has something to live for. So he'll be careful this time.

Trust me when I say, it's going to end much differently. I've made sure of that. *she points to Umbra's IV drips* A few strength and magic enhancments have been made. He should be able to break those chains of hers with ease now.

”He ‘has something to live for’? And Oculus didn’t?”

(Umbra nods. Passion still looks a bit unsure...)

I'm not saying Oculus didn't, he absolutely did. I'm saying that Umbra also does.

”...Right. Okay.”

Yeah. You know what he has to fight for?

”...What is that...?”


(Passion’s face slowly turns redder and redder...)

The main difference between Umbra and Oculus is that Umbra isn't stupid. And no matter how much he protests, we are all going to face her. Oculus was friends, or at the very least acquaintances, with all of us. So we all want a piece of that bitch.

Aww, look at you blushing...he has the rest of us to fight for too, as well as revenge for Oculus. It's not just you-though that's not to say you aren't a big factor.

”Oculus was not stupid. Just... inexperienced.”

”I... mnh...”

What ever you wish to call it. But we all can agree that what he did was stupid, yes?

(Passion looks away, scuffing his hoof on the floor...)


”What he did wasn’t stupid! What he did was try!

”Passion, calm down.”

”I’m not going to fucking calm down! Oculus died! He fucking died! He might not have done much, but he did it because he wanted to help!

The way I see it, what Oculus did was stupid. Go in there completely alone, with no backup what so ever, and fight someone who was obviously much stronger and experienced than he was. And now, because of his decision, we are sorting through billions of lost souls just to try and bring his dumbass back to life. Apologies if I don't have an ounce of respect for someone who treated you like a literal dog.

"He may have treated me like a dog, but he's over that, now. He fucking died just so all of us could forgive him. He may have been an asshole, but he was an asshole with the ability to learn from his mistakes. The way I see it, if you're so Celestia damn iffy about sorting through those souls, don't bring him back. Probably doesn't even wanna live, anyway."

Thats the thing, I'm not iffy about sorting souls cause I'm not the one doing it. I don't know what Toast saw in him to make friends with him, let alone keep him a friend and go through all this, but I'm going to respect his wishes. I'm entitled to my opinion about others, am I not? Besides, once he is back Toast is probably gonna slap him for making a dumb decision and send him back with Ocellus.

"Yeah, great, punish him for trying to care about other people. Good work, making Oculus feel bad about dying."

Listen, Passion, I don't think you are completely understanding or seeing my point of view here. He went and willingly challenged someone much stronger than himself for what purpose? What was his plan? What was his goal? I fail to see how running in and dying instantly showed anything other than stupidity. Maybe a bit of bravery if anything, but you'd be surprised how often they are confused for each other. Now if you excuse me, I have his body to keep from decomposing so that complications don't arise from his inevitable revival.

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