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Corn & Peg: Thunderhoof Update · 7:40pm Aug 4th, 2020

Yes, I'm still keeping up with the show, sort of. I still don't think it's a good show, but it has grown enough on me that I kind of like it.

However, this is not about the show in general. This is about a specific episode, and what I gathered about their world from it.

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Corn & Peg called "Saddle Up Sidekicks." It was a two part episode which made it a half-hour episode.

The story: after playing with their friends for a while, Corn and Peg head over to Corn's house to read the latest Captain Thunderhoof comic. While there, a portal opens up in the living room, and snow drifts out. Captain Thunderhoof appears, needing their help. It turns out that a villain by the name of Megafrost (who has bat wings) has stolen a scepter with the Crystal of Light from Thunderhoof's throne room. He is using it to freeze her home world of Thunderia, and if he succeeds, it will be frozen forever. And once that's done, Galloping Grove is next. Additionally, Captain Thunderhoof is weakened by cold, and loses her powers in the right conditions. So she asks for their help, and they agree. The three of them then travel by rainbow to Thunderia.

There, they meet the villain Megafrost, and watch as he freezes things. It is also discovered that do-gooders get special powers in Thunderia. For Peg, not only is she able to fly more than six feet off the ground (close to where she is limited to in Galloping Grove), but can also fly as fast as Thunderhoof herself. For Corn, his horn lights up when there is danger, and he can shoot a laserbeam from the tip. It also turns out that Megafrost is allergic to pollen.

After the villain escapes, the trio visit a friend of the captain, who helps her recover from the cold enough to use her powers, and gives some words of encouragement to Corn and Peg. The three then set off for the final confrontation. They reach Megafrost, but the cold is too much for Thunderhoof, making her lose her powers again. Megafrost freezes her in place, and then finishes freezing Thunderia. Using a flower she saved earlier, Peg makes the villain sneeze while Corn gets The Crystal of Light away from him. With the power of their friendship, the two of them are able to use the crystal and begin unthawing Thunderia. Thunderhoof is restored, and Megafrost flees. The heroes go to Thunderhoof's castle, where the citizens of Thunderia celebrate their saving the land.

Highlights and points of interest:
Biggest one first: Captain Thunderhoof has a throne room! In a castle! That means that she's technically royalty of some sort. They don't give any specifics, but it does look like she has some sort of authority over the land. That means that she rules and protects Thunderia, and occasionally travels to the world where Galloping Grove is in order to play superhero.

If you wanted to go dark about it, the fact that Corn and Peg were asked to help means that Captain Thunderhoof is willing to have children go up against supervillains. She is willing to put foals in harm's way.

Two minor things that were interesting. First, and the most minor was that Megafrost rapped. At least twice. Both were about how nice it will be when everything is frozen. The second, and kind one of the funnier moments was that Captain Thunderhoof joined them in the Do Good Song.

Also, for those wondering: yes, the other horses in Thunderia were the same size as Captain Thunderhoof. Also, no they aren't all alicorns. In MLP terms, they are earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi.

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I'm not sure how to feel about Captain Thunderhoof being a planeswalker. :twilightoops: Not least because this is approaching my own interpretation of her from a peculiar direction.

You mean your interpretation, which was also secretly royalty, and likely did not do well with cold either?

And has been known to hie off to other universes for fun and profit.

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