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  • Today
    Oculus Picks Flowers

    (A few weeks after his surgery, Oculus basks in the sunlight of the fields, happy that he was able to sneak away for a bit from all the drama...)


    (Oculus sighs in peace, lying down in the soft grass and calmly fluttering his wings...)

    "Hey, there he is!"


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    23 comments · 47 views
  • Today

    (Bez enters her friend's current hospital wing, something on her mind...)

    "Bez... Hey..."

    (The unreformed changeling looks surprised, as none of Oculus' friends seem to be angry at her...)

    "Hi... How come none of you are mad at me...?"

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  • Thursday

    TButterfly Wings
    Oculus is a butterfly. He doesn't accept it the way society can.
    Rain Boy · 2.2k words · 44 views

    This is gonna be the worst best comeback I ever made. I can feel it.

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  • Thursday
    Okay, Okay, Listen.

    Ever since I started getting comfortable with posting blogs, I've been getting a little too comfortable. I've become a blogger instead of a writer. And anything I write, I'm too focused on posting the next blog to focus on making what I write good. I've lost a little bit of my following over this, and I want to gain it back. I was on a good roll before. I don't want to lose

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  • Thursday

    (Bez knocks on Oculus' door, prepared to see him at the other side...

    ...but she sees Pentagon instead...)

    "Bez... funny seeing you here. I thought you thought Oculus was a waste of space."

    *sigh* "You too? Look, I never said that to him! Pharynx said that. Not me. I'd never insult Oculus like that."

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Broken Carapace · 6:29pm August 4th

”Oh, Hikariiiii!~”

(Oculus did a flip, landing on his hooves and using one of his back legs to kick a dozen blueberry bomb pellets into the iron wall of Hikari’s hideout...)

”Where are you, you trifling little bitch?”

(Flipping back onto all fours, Oculus started scouting through the chain magic user’s ‘house’...)

”Aw, lookie... it’s the poor, lowlife, redemption seeking Oculus...”

(Oculus looked around as chains started to dangle from the ceiling...)

”Hey, what the hell are you talking about?”

“You know very well what I’m talking about, don’t you? I’ve heard your friends saying it...”

”Don’t you dare talk shit about my friends, you sword-swallowing slut...”

”Watch that tone, Oc... it’s why nobody likes you, after all. Oh, and it’s such a shame... you used to be so likable, I’ve heard...”

”The hell..?”

”After that life ruining incident, you’ve been pretty vicious... especially toward Passion Fruit... everyone used to be your friend, but then turned against you...”

(Oculus furled his brow, then started juggling a myriad of blueberry bomb pellets...)

”Shut... the fuck... up.”

”Even now that you’ve befriended Passion, everyone’s still skeptical about you. I wonder. How do you do it?!


(Suddenly, a ball of chains came swinging down, hitting Oculus square in the stomach...)

”Oh, it is on.”

(Hikari lowered herself from the ceiling...)

”Bring it.”

(Oculus started by doing his signature move; flipping onto his front hooves and using his back legs to fire his bombs. They took out the chains holding Hikari up, but much to his dismay, more chains rose up and charged at him...)


(He quickly jumped out of the way, tossing bomb after bomb at the floor to help him keep his altitude on his way to Hikari, but...)

”Hehe!~ You let your guard down!”

”What the—?! Oof!”

(Chains. Chains with blades at the end rocketed straight through Oculus’ stomach and stabbed into the wall, leaving him practically skewered there as Hikari took the chains attached and wrapped them around a metal pole...)

”Oh... oh, no... oh, Chrysalis damn it...”


(As Hikari bolted away with the help of her chains, Passion Fruit came rushing in, ready to get angry, but... but all he felt was remorse...)


”H-Hey, bud... w-what’s up...?”

”Oculus... Oculus, no... t-this can’t be... this can’t be happening, I... I couldn’t...”

”Hey... hey, it’s okay, just... come here...”

(Passion Fruit walks over, ready to break down and cry, as Oculus puts a bloody hoof on his head, and strokes him weakly...)

”D-Don’t worry about me, okay? I-I... I deserve it...”


”I was so... terrible to you before we became friends again... I-I should have been less toxic... I should have been your friend, after all you were going through...”


(Oculus chuckled weakly, blood seeping from his toothy grin and onto the chains and floor...)

”I-I just wanted... to do something for you... something that would make you guys forgive me... something that would finally help me redeem myself...”

”Oculus, no... don’t...”

”Just... tell our friends that... that I definitely tried, heh... guess I died twice...”

(Oculus’ smile fades as his hoof goes limp, and his eyes begin to lose their glow...)

“T-That’s... that’s a changeling thing, right? Oculus?”

(Oculus doesn’t respond...)

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Comments ( 27 )

Oculus, no!!! Don't go into the light, buddy! Ah, by Artemis' bow, why didn't I do something?!

Hikari, damn it!

Passion, do something!

(Passion is sobbing uncontrollably...)

”I can’t... get... mad... I just...”

“H-He’s gone...”

It's okay...I know... *hugs him* just let it out...

(Passion sobs into her shoulder...)

”Oh, Celestia... w-what am I gonna tell Ocellus...?”


”I-I’m— I’m sorry...!”

Hey Oculus, if you're gonna die don't go to the light. Turn around and run towards the darkness. I'll meet you at the gate, we can plan from there.

I'll handle Ocellus, okay? You've got enough on your plate with Umbra. While I'm at it, I'll take care of that yandere

Didn’t you try that already?

And I'll keep trying until I either defeat her or...*nods subtly at Oculus*

I didn't even get a chance to "show" Hikari the true extent of my powers, the fight ended in a stalemate. I know I can defeat her, I just need time. And the strength to do it...

We need a plan, if you end up brute forcing it you'd get nowhere near close for dying to be considered worth it.

I know we need a plan, I'm not going to win by brute force alone. I know tons of strategies and plans and tricks. The key will be technique, skill, and planning.

(Passion sobs even louder...)

Oh, Passion...*hugs tighter and rubs back* It's okay, I promise, everything will be okay, once I take care of Hikari once and for all

Passion, it's alright. Chill. Oculus may be dead, but he's not gone yet. We just gotta hope he heard me, then we can figure out how to deal with Hikari.

”B-But... but he...”

Passion, I know it's hard but I'll take care of Hikari. Umbra needs you, and you need him.

”I-I... I can’t...”

Don't say that. You can and you know it.

You can, Passion. We believe in you.


”But... but... O-Oculus, he...”

I know. I'll handle him and Hikari, I promise. You don't need to do anything but stay beside Umbra.

Yes, Oculus is dead. But again, we gotta hope he heard me. If he did then he's not gone for good.

”B-But what if... what if he didn’t...?”

Then ya boy is about to break a bunch of rules and treaties that date back to the beginning of time just to get him back.

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