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Next Chapters Are Up (and a question) · 5:47pm August 4th

And boy, have I been waiting to do so. This is a two-parter, and while the combined length really is about the same as one chapter would be, there's a reason I split it. And it's the reason I'm so excited to get 'em out. :yay:

Hope you enjoy!

But while I've got you guys—if you don't mind a little 'extra reading'—like I did a while ago when I was looking for animes to watch, I'm hoping you all could give me some game recommendations. I've posted this in two subreddits and nobody's really been of any help. :ajbemused:

I've always been a Nintendo player, then ended up with an XBox, but a long time ago I had a PS2, and I never finished any of the Kingdom Hearts games (though I made it pretty close to the end of the first one). I'd love to go through them all now with the All-In-One set, so I'd have to get a PS4 (since that giant package won't be on XB1 AFAIK), but I never got a PS3 or 4 because nothing Sony-exclusive ever caught my eye— I got ones that came out for XB1 also like Spyro (I played the original trilogy). I'd need a PS4 now for that KH set alone, but I don't want to get a full system just for the one game, BUT like I said, the exclusives never caught my eye, so I feel like waiting and getting a PS5 wouldn't really be worth it, so I'd much prefer to get a PS4 marked down. Does anyone have any ideas? I would totally get the FF7 remake also, but other than that IDK. I'm not a fan of FPS (or shooting in general), fighting or sports games (though I do have SSB Ultimate), and I don't really tend to play online, so I know that narrows it down a lot. I'm more of a puzzles player (like the Portal games), and Zelda and Mario (and sometimes Sonic) tend to be go-to's. But after that I don't really have any ideas.
Given those parameters, though, if there ARE any exclusives you think might catch my eye, I'd be happy to hear 'em.



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Comments ( 8 )

What systems do you have? Do you like turn based rpgs (Pokemon, persona)?

You still need anime to watch? I have a recommendation.

I have a Switch and Xbox1X right now, but I'm looking specifically for PS4 games because I'd like to get the Kingdom Hearts all-in-one pack, and I don't want to get a whole system just for one game set.

Oh no, I have plenty of animes on my list. And other stuff to watch, too. I'm waaaaaaay behind. :twilightoops:

Ah, well, I'll recommend it another time.

I’d recommend red dead redemption if you like open world stuff. Persona 5 is also a really good game, and it does have some puzzle elements to it(not many). Shadow of the Colossus and the Last guardian are both games that I would argue are actually pieces of art.

im a huge fan of Horizon Zero Dawn. it has a super unique story and the gameplay is really enjoyable.

Whoa, HZD looks pretty sick. I like.

SotC and Last Guardian look awesome, too. It looks like they're part of the same series— is that the kind of thing where I should play Shadow first? Or did I misunderstand something?
Either way, between all three consoles, I'm only going to have so much time to play... :twilightoops:

Thanks a ton to both of you! Those three games on the list along with KH and FF7 are plenty worth the extra console. That said, given some of the other stuff I'm seeing, I'm thinking it might be wise to just wait for the 5. I already have a number of games in my Switch and XB1 arsenals, so it's not like I won't have stuff to do during the wait (I literally just started Paper Mario and the Origami King like, 2 days ago). But just knowing that there are indeed other Sony exclusives worth getting the console for is really helpful.

Thanks again! :twilightsmile:

The two games are related but don’t have to be played in any order. I should also say that there is another in the series called Ico but I don’t know if it’s been ported on to the new systems. It was a ps 2 game but wasn’t nearly as popular as Shadow. Also, from what I can tell, these games are considered short.

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