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You can catch me, but ya can’t throw me. Unless you’re strong enough :rainbowderp:

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    So, Apparently...

    Last night I wrote at least a third of the next chapter to My Life As A Teenaged Ocellus. It.... wasn't half bad, actually, compared to how much of an illiterate dumbass I looked like in my last blogs. I guess drunk Blu can get shit done.

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    This Weird Dream I Had

    Okay, so, I fell asleep at, like, two in the morning. Somehow I still manage to wake up pretty energized, dunno why. But yeah, so, I had this dream where my mom got really mad at me, and so did my dad, and they got divorced. Like, officially this time.

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  • Today
    yay im hungry

    sleep is fo da weak

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  • Today

    bad bad bad bad bad

    im about 2 throw up

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  • Monday
    No One:

    Oculus when Donut Joe runs out of Chamomile tea:

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Wake · 4:17pm August 4th

”Hey, buddy... how’re you feeling...?”

”Ужасно ... я ничего не чувствую ...”

”Aw... he must be feeling really bad, he’s only speaking Umbrumian.”

”Is there any way I could make you feel better...?”

(Umbra chuckles weakly...)

”Страсть ... милый дурак ...”

”I don’t think there is...”

(Umbra’s breathing pattern obscures a bit as he closes his eyes...)

”Oh, Umbra... t-this is all my fault...”

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Comments ( 29 )

How, exactly, is this your fault Passion? Cause I'm failing to see how. Just like how I'm failing to unlock Dry Bowser in mkwii.

”I just... should’ve stopped Hikari while I had the chance...”

”Oh, we’ll ‘stop’ her, alright... we’ll stop her good...”

But then you'd both be dead, if not worse. You did fine.

”I just... can’t help but feel like I didn’t...”

Listen to me, you made the best decision you could have made. Were you to have done literally anything else, Umbra would have died, you would have died, and we'd all be sad. Maybe, I can't speak for Oculus.

”I’d have a mixed range of sadness and anger, and the generous addition of remorse.”

So you can feel sadness, this is a revolutionary development.

”Hey, even I get tired of being an asshole. Plus, I don’t wanna give any of you a reason to, uh, ruin my life. So it doesn’t get ruined again.”

What makes you think I don't already have reasons?

“Any more of a reason. Sorry.”

Aww, Passion, of course it's not your fault

”But... but...”

You didn't do this Passion, it was that yandere.

”I just... I could’ve tried to stop her...”

I know...I regret not stopping her sooner too

“Passion, come on. It ain’t your fault. If anything, you were just trying to respect Umbra’s wishes.”

”But look where it got him..”

And that's Umbra's mistake. But we can fix it

“No. No, there is no ‘we’. I’m gonna do something about this.”

We already made a deal that I would help

What are you gonna do, Oculus?

“Well, screw it. I’m tired of shit like this happening to my friends. I’m the only one that hasn’t done something.”

Ocellus hasn't done anything either. And just because you're someone that can do something about this, doesn't mean you're the only one who can

”It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna be the only one who will.

(Oculus tosses a few bomb pellets in one hoof...)

”Pay this ‘Hikari’ a quick visit.”

Well, as your best friend, I respect your decision to go solo...

...Good luck, Oculus.

Fine. But I'll be watching, just to see if the ladies have to swoop in and save the man's sorry flank, like how things usually happen in Equestria.

”Really? That’s how we’re putting it?”

As far as I can tell it always happens so I might as well be prepared for it

”Uh Huh. Okay.”

I promise, I won't do anything to intervene until it looks like you're in a tight spot you can't get out of

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