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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site

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My Character (Clipper) · 4:09pm August 4th

*Sighs* More lies and conspiriaces that I have to clear up before people get more brainwashed.


Clipper was a jealous punk that Fluttershy married Rhymey, and also he hates Rhymey for the same frivolous reasons as my haters.

That's what he was based on.

Like most of my Strawman, their made to reflect the bad attitudes of my mockers and flamers, who can't seem to get it through their heads there's nothing wrong with the way Rhymey is in my fics.
Some people still foolishly just say

"His rhymes are crap" without any explanation, and then they go out of their way to make the same KINDS of rhymes he does (Hypocrites)

They also still don't seem to get it through their heads, he doesn't rhyme the same word twice.

"There's nothing we're afraid of
Let's find out what the moon is made of"

They go "He just rhymed OF with OF"

To which I repeatedly say AFRAID OF rhymes with MADE OF Rhymes are not always ONE WORD, in fact, it's not directly the word itself, but the END SOUNDS.

Sometimes it takes two words in sets to make rhymes, and I'm not the only one who does it...

(the Street Where you live)

"I have often walked down this STREET BEFORE
But the pavement always stayed beneath my FEET BEFORE"

(Pure imagination)

"Come with me, and you'll be
Take a look, and you'll see

Now let's listen to Rhymey's voice.

There's nothing wrong with those rhymes at all, yet people continue to mock Rhymey and think that's all he is, just a Rhymer who is undeserving of things and that his rhymes should affect his lifestyle and skills.

Not True...

Rhymey is a skilled swordsman...

Another reason Clipper was made, was to show this skill off. Just he always rhymes does not make him a weakling or less of a worthy opponent.

But the point is, like most of my strawmen, they don't always relate to a specific hater of my (Brass Bolt is the only exception)

Ace Ray, Windy Bag, Clipper...

Are all based around their attitudes and poor judgment.

Clipper found this out too...

Rhymey is very worthy of Fluttershy (He is a good husband, and a wonderful father to their son) He helps her around the house, he has a job to make extra money (He owns and manages a cafe) he even helped train her in swordsmanship when she became The Valkyrie of Kindness.

I refuse to make Rhymey into a reprehensible type...

So once more, Clipper was just based on my haters ridiculous grudge against his rhymes, and poor judgment on his skills as a fighter or family man.

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