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  • Saturday
    Story time again

    Drop me a few,I need pony words that are new and exciting.

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  • Friday
    Guess what?!

    Guess who's daughter got tested yesterday and now has her dad and brother in his apartment, quarantined?
    Yeah, this guy!
    I wish I were rich, or a pony.
    Or could shift between human and pony.
    It'dmake the next week of being locked in an apartment with 2 hyper kids so much easier.

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  • 1 week
    Okay, short update.

    Im having writer's block.
    I'm having editors block.
    I'm depressed.
    Lastly, my car was robbed again.

    Got off with 5k worth of stuff.
    I was only in the house for an hour.

    Once I get over my issues I'll be writing again and editing again.
    Gotta wait and work to death to replace the kids tablets and my laptop.
    Plus accessories.
    Only my faith in fellow bronies keeps me going.

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  • 3 weeks
    Just something funny

    Everytime I see the words

    **Warning, comments may contain spoilers**

    I always wanna reply, "Books may contain words and water may make things wet."

    It's just... what's the point of saying something so obvious, unintentionally?!


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  • 3 weeks
    Snickers update

    The next chapter...

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Snickers: The Royal Colt · 3:40pm August 4th

It's up!
Book 4.

Wow! SO much has happened, and so much more to go...

TSnickers: The Royal Colt
After a fallout with his family and friends, Snickers is moving to Canterlot to spend time with Princess Celestia. However, politics and people aren't as easy or fanciful as they seem in books.
Mocha Star · 38k words  ·  24  4 · 270 views

Looking for Cover Art, too.
Anyone can offer, plz.

Report Mocha Star · 29 views · Story: Rarity's Colt ·
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