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I am a fanfic critic i will give your work a number from 1 to 200

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I got banned for no ressan this site is unfair for beginners like me · 7:57pm August 3rd

I don't know why I got banned I have been trying to submit my storys but the oners don't like me or my storys. This site is unfair to beginers like me

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What kind of story were you trying to post? If mlp isn't a main focus then it can be rejected.

well that's justnot right.

The story was about friezas new life in equestria

Can you please tell the oners to give me a chance

5328405 I can pre-read one of your fics (or fic ideas) to see what might be making the mods not approve your works. You'll either have to PM me the story text, or use Google Docs sharing though.

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