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Episode Reviews: Wedding Day Mess (Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat) · 6:32pm Aug 3rd, 2020

Hi guys, Malechi here! Today, I'll be talking about one of the best Sagwa episodes I've seen, Wedding Day Mess! It was one of the most underrated episodes.:pinkiehappy:

This proves that Tai-Tai isn't all snobbish, she has a good heart. Sure she has irritable shades, but still. And despite Tai-Tai preferring dogs over cats, she simply likes Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa here. Aang-Wan was nice here too. There are quite a few funny moments such as one of Tai-Tai's sleeve dogs biting on the Foolish Magistrate's leg causing him to fall in the sea, screaming for help, to Fu-Fu on Tai-Tai's hair, to the wedding mess, ending with Tai-Tai calling out the felines by saying "YOU'VE RUINED MY WEDDING!!!" cause you know, she says that line as a exaggeration.

All in all, this episode is my favorite Tai-Tai focused episode, and one of the best episodes of the entire show.


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