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    Royal View Universe

    A universe inspired by the board game chess, why not? Takes place in midevil times. Names may not be changed...

    Queen Flora Braveheart

    King Drocsid Braveheart

    Bishop: Twiliana the Pure

    The Rook piece is represented by the Castle Of Hope which is where the king and queen live.

    Knight no.1: Sir Jacqueline the Honest

    Knight no.2: Sir Dashwave the Reckless

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    A music inspired au sorry in advance, all of the mane six's personalities are all based on music so classical music would be a classy personality and so on so yeah...

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    Golden View Universe

    All I can say is that this au is "Golden".

    So I have an idea, one that'll probably make many go "what are you thinking!" Or "are you insane!?" But I think this will be the most interesting one yet,
    Why you ask? This is another rainboomless au, one where rainbow dash never even existed...

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    A question

    Should I do another story like A New Different View or should I do something else?

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    All of my op characters

    This post will show you all of my op characters. I apologise in advance.

    Rinda Mew(although the Pokemon Mew's genderless, I'd give it she/her pronouns) : a hyper little Pokémon who is much older than she looks, she loves playing games and breaking the 4th wall. Knows all moves but mostly uses her psychic abilities. Dislikes being called "Queen" yet doesn't mind being called "Lady Mew".

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The Knightly View Universe · 3:26pm Aug 3rd, 2020

An au based on the Legend of King Arthur this pony version will have three of main six be the Knights of the Round table the others will be in their own roles, this au idea is the first time I've done one that was made up on the spot. Some names will be the same.

*Please don't flame this blog, this took a lot of time.. *

Sir. Dashalot Windblade: one of the many loyal knights who serve a once kind and just king, She's known as the Greatest knight of all.

Sir. "Applejack" Flameblade: The second best of the knights and the strongest physical fighter of all, her blades are as sharp as her tounge.

Sir. Twiliana Iceblade: The Knight who's swordsmenship is said to be unmatched. She is equally skilled with magic and must not be taken lightly.

Starlight Ironspark: a former student of a blacksmith who now owns her own forge, her shop is sought even by the knights of the round table.

Nimue Pie : a wise alicorn who lives within a sacred lake, it's said she gave the king the legendary Excalibur.

Merlin Shy [star swirl]: A legendary alicorn who is known for his incredible magic and wisdom. He passed his powers and knowledge to his granddaughter before passing away.

Medina Shy [Fluttershy]: The granddaughter of the legendary Merlin Shy, she's just as good at magic as her late grandfather if not better. She wonders if it's possible to live forever but she knows it's just a silly dream...

Diamond Calibur[Rarity]: a blade said to have a mind of its own, it the sword responsible for choosing the new ruler of the kingdom. One pony has said it has a female voice.

King Arthur [Sombra]: The legendary King himself who once owned the legendary Excalibur before and unknown darkness corrupted the kind king.

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