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Umbrumian Dilemma · 1:09am Aug 2nd, 2020

(Opening the door, Hikari uses her chains to greet the person on the other side face first...)

”Kon'nichiwa! I’m so, so sorry, but we’re not really up for buying Girl Scout cookies right now and—“

”What? No. I’m not here to sell Girl Scout cookies. I’m here to see Umbra.”

”See... Umbra? Oh, nonononono, Umbra’s a little busy at the moment. Thankies!”

(Before Hikari can leave and slam the door, Passion instead pushes it open, heading inside and stepping over the chains spread throughout the house...)

”With all due respect, uh, if you’re here, then, you’ve most definitely got a reason to be.”

(Hikari huffs, following Passion Fruit throughout the house and upstairs to Umbra’s room...)

”Well, you won’t find anything amusing.”

”What do you mean?”

”I mean, if you find Umbra, you won’t like what you see.”

”Okay, well, what do you mean by that?”

(Hikari uses her chains to hold herself up in front of Passion, her moving backward as he moves forward...)

”I mean that—“

(Hikari bumps into the door to Umbra’s room, causing it to fling open and reveal a chained up Umbra...)

”Woah... was I... not supposed to be intervening here?”

”Yes! Yes, I want you to intervene, you idiot! She— Mmph, mmph, mmmph!!!

(Before Umbra can finish, Hikari slaps a piece of tape over his mouth...)

”He means he wants you to leave.”

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Definitely BDSM, much?

Hikari! Bad girl! Passion! *casts translator spell on him* Et alligavit eum et tenentes se obses fuit!

*Russian wheezing*

”Et tenens suus ei ... obsidem invisos illa ?!”

”... sic ... vos canetis fatum.”

”Constat ... Wait, how can you talk? You still have tape on your mouth.”

Well, Greek's been compromised so I had to choose something else
Drat...what language don't you know? Point is, Passion, help me free Umbra

Does Passion even know how to handle magic chains?

Well, I thought maybe if he got angry he'd be strong enough to break them, combined with my magic to counter her own magic.

Unless Passion is able to handle both.

”Well, you’re going to have to rile me up with something!”


...Hikari tried to force herself onto Umbra

”You... you what?!

“Hey, a girl’s gotta keep her man regulated.”

Argh! Gimme... Gimme something else...!”

She tried to get him to kiss her after tying him up like this

Anything that has to do with Star Fruit!

(Umbra frantically shakes his head...)

”No, no, go ahead, I can take it!”

(Passion Fruit growls...)

”I-I’m almost there! Something else!”

Ooh, good idea. *turns to Passion* Starfruit performed dangerous experiments on you that could've gotten you killed!

Star Fruit impaled you with a freaking metal rod!

Uh...Hikari thinks you're ugly and said your father should've finished you off when he had the chance!



Argh! Arrrrgh!

(Passion Fruit mutates, breaking through the chains and slamming them to the floor, Umbra being dragged along with some of them...)

Great job! *pulls Umbra out of the way with purple magic aura* You okay Umbra?

(Umbra doesn’t answer, instead fuming with anger at his destroyed house...)

”Well... call me, ‘Kay?”

(Hikari leaves, leaving Passion Fruit to change back...)

Hikari you get back here and fix this place you ηλίθια φοράδα που στάλθηκε από τα βάθη του ίδιου του κάτω κόσμου!

You could’ve said that insult normally.

(Passion Fruit rips the tape from Umbra’s mouth...)

”Um... Umbra...? You okay...?”

”I want everyone out of here.”

I slipped into it. Besides, Passion probably would've blamed himself if he knew what I was talking about

Yeah, that's fair...sorry Umbra...

”Do not look at me, do not face in my direction, do not even speak to me; get out.”

*Looks away and nods, then disappears in flash of purple*

”That... that wasn’t very nice of you, Umbra...“


*reappears and gives hug to Passion* I'm sorry I made you mad...

*returns the hug* “It’s okay. You only did it to help me save... Umbra.”


Alright. Tell him I'm not mad at him or anything, and that I'll be tracking down Hikari from the Ether, okay? *smiles, then disappears*

Awwww damnit I wanted to see the Chao's also erm can anyone tell me why there is a crazy mare with chains hiding in my house in hell right now?

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