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  • Friday
    Remember my very first “skit”?

    Ya know, this one:

    “What does Pharynx have that I don’t?”

    “A body, for starters.”

    Cringe I tell ya. The CRINGE is real.

    9 comments · 13 views
  • Friday
    About that one rant...

    The one about “Toxic fans”?

    Well... I got rid of it.

    Why? Well, I got a few comments saying that it was a very common thing with fandoms and that all fandoms had toxicity, and how they weren’t surprised when I talked about it. I figured that... well, maybe it didn’t need to be brought up and explained because too many people know about it.

    So I thought “eh, screw it” and took it down...

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  • Thursday
    Nose Bleed (Anthro)

    A follow-up to this.

    “When is Bez gonna get here? We’ve been waiting for almost half an hour.”

    “I’m sure she’ll be here. She and Pentagon are probably busy with Oculus.”

    “Ugh. I don’t even wanna know what’s that supposed to mean...”

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  • Thursday

    Why was this necessary?

    20 comments · 34 views
  • Thursday
    Has this ever happened to you guys when writing?

    If you’ve been reading MTCG since the very beginning, you’ll noticed that at the start of the story, (specifically chapter 1 and the prologue,) you’ll notice that it describes Venom as a narcissistic trinket collector.

    As I got into the later chapters, I noticed he started losing those traits and became more... uhm...

    Yeah, I’m not good at explaining.

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    19 comments · 25 views

“HAHA” but it’s in emoji · 8:11pm August 1st

My friend really likes this one.

Darkie why you looking so ☹️?
Go and take a 🚶🏻‍♂️ or write a 🎼 up on your 📝!
For what you have you should be grateful
Why aren't you more 😄?
"Yo keep on killing 💩"
"I'll see you later"
"Oh for sure 👨🏻"

It's been a fat ass minute ain't been feeling ➡️
A hypochondriac dissatisfied my room got no 💡
At 🕰
Fuck all of the people judging you got no right
And neither do 👁
The sight of new 👀
A side of you 😢

👨🏻 it's been a minute I been feeling 👎🏻
But I been 🤼‍♂️
I'm enlightened to the fact that I have limited 🕰
I get to👅 these rhymes
And lay a 💩 in your 🧠
They want my 👄 intertwined
So they can 🍃 me behind

But I will 🙅🏻‍♂️ submit I will survive
Go make a difference while you are still alive
To be the bigger 👨🏻 requires that you standing high
The bigger 👨🏻 the more time he fall before he 😵

There will always be a 🤡 here to fake a 😊, for you
🏃🏻‍♂️ through the town 😂 I despise you too
HAHA HAHA HAHA oh did I surprise you 😎
"Get up" "do I gotta" "why don't you arise you fool?"

👀 at me I put a face on
👀 at me I put a show on
When I go on

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

😂 at the 🤡 and his makeup
How does he feel when we wake ⬆️

I 🙅🏻‍♂️ know
And I 🙅🏻‍♂️ care
I'm unaware of how he faring
At him so intently
At the 🎡 inside the ⛺️ he

For the people
💃 like you mean it
Motherfucker everybody be too pussy to move
But grip they dick in they room
How the fuck did we ever put a stick in our 🌙
It's 😜 I'm a cartoon

But keep it realer than a bitch
Or her nigga that wanna feature
Lemme 👨🏻‍🏫 ya how I deal with these reachers that tryna leech us

Keep the fuck to my self
And my 🕷 we throw a 🎪
For the 👍🏻 of my health
I make entertaining the purpose of it

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

🎶 along have a ⚽️
When the 🤡 slip and fall

Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

When the 🃏 get 😡
Put a 🔫 in his ✋🏻

Ba ba ba ba ba ba

Rest in✌🏻 to robin williams
Here to act for God and villains
Brightest person darkest feelings
Interfere with 👹's dealings

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This is fucking everything, oh my god—

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