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Devoured 2: What Really Happened · 10:29pm Jul 31st, 2020

So, um... sorry about the annoying message here. But I promise I’m not annoyed about anything, nobody did anything wrong.

I just wanted to say, um... I low key wanna make this thing my own separate fandom. It would be really cool (though may be illegal because, um... it kinda exists within the MLP universe) but, it would be cool if I could have a big enough fan base for that kind of thing.


(Umbra grumbles as he watches Hikari bounce around the place so happily. The fact that she’s acting so peppy begins to annoy him...)

”Aww, why the long face?”

”Umbra does not wish to talk to you...”

”Oh, don’t be such a sourpuss...”

(Hikari uses one of her loose chains to lift Umbra’s chin, and in return, Umbra takes a dagger and slashes the chain in half...)

*sniff* “So cold...”

”Come on, Umbra, she’s not actually that bad.”

*giggles* “I’ve never actually seen him this vicious since the time he ate someone.”

(Umbra’s white eyes bulge as he gives Hikari an ill meant scowl...)

”I’m— I’m sorry, wha..?”

”Hehe, Oh yes. He can be quite the tentacle monster.”

*his ears flop down* “What... what are you talking about?”

”Oh, where are my manners? I’ll just tell you the whole story!”

(Umbra and Hikari were walking down the streets of Tokyo, Japan in the pouring rain. Umbra had been holding an umbrella over the two of them while they both enjoyed their freshly hot hay fries, nuzzling while they walked...)

*gasp* “Oh my gosh... they have... a karaoke bar?!”

”I had no idea you liked to... sing.”

”Umbra... Umbra, Umbra, Umbra! Can we go...?”

”Argh... fine. But if they do not have any vodka, then visit is cancelled.”

(”You know the rest. Things escalated, and, well...”)

(Hikari watched as Umbra was looming ominously over various customers at the bar, tentacles swirling out of his thick, tar like body as his fangs were bearing viciously, and his tongue began to run across them, signaling that he was hungry for something other than fries...)

”Umbra! Umbra, stop it!”

”And that was the day I found out that... Umbra was a lot, um... scarier than I thought he was.”

”That... my dad... he...”

”Passion, do not listen to her. What I have done in the past has nothing to do with—“

”You ate my dad, didn’t you?! My dad and his friends!”

Comments ( 19 )

Oh no...but this being an actual series would be so cool!

Really, Hikari... Really? 😑

well depends if the universe and fandom belong to them plus if you make no money freedorm of speech and stuff

Heheh. Thanks.


Yep... still looks to me that someone still isn’t over it.

No problem. Speaking of problems, I think Hikari has one

You mean, she is one?

“What was that?”


all passion needs is a newspaper a stern glare maby some kissing and he has umbra around there hoof

Hm, yeah, that's also true

aka lol passion is the boss in there relasionship

Well, I wouldn’t say that.

“Boss in the relationship?” What’s that even supposed to mean?

Uh... maybe it’s just... top/bottom dynamics or something.

Or it could be because Passion Fruit is the werepony, and then there’s that “Alpha” thing.

nope passion has the passion and the pants


Umbra is actually the one that, uh, wears the pants in their relationship. Like, canonically.

i was making a pun with passions name meaning they have the passion pants

Oh. Well, uh, sorry.

also these would make great fics

You're not wrong about that.

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