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Bound To Her · 8:09pm Jul 31st, 2020

”Passion, get behind me.”

(Umbra pushes Passion Fruit back, and he soon obliges...)

“Really, now? That is a lot more effort than I’ve seen from you a few years back.”

(Who they can now see is a female pegasus, who leaps into the air and lands right in front of Umbra. He trembles just looking into her eyes...)

”Hey! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you!”

(Passion peeks from behind the trembling Umbra to see a gray-coated pegasus, who was wearing cracked glasses and bound with chains...)

”Ā, anata wa tomodachi o tsurete kimashita ka?”

(Passion Fruit trembles with fear as the pegasus’ chains pound into the ground, the force rocketing her into the sky. And when she lowered herself back down, she was able to look Passion in the eye...)

”Hello there, little friend! Has he told you anything about me?” *beams excitedly* “Were they nice things?”

”Hikari, kore ni tsureteitte wa ikenai.”

”Aw, don’t listen to him. He’s just a big ol’ meanie.”

(Umbra growls...)

”I... don’t understand any of that, actually. Heh...”

”Dakara kare o hanatte oite kudasai.”

”He’s just speaking a different language because he’s scared you’ll find out who he really is...”

(Hikari put on an annoying baby voice as she moved forward and squished Umbra’s cheeks with her hooves...)

”Wh...What are you talking about?”

”Oh, me and Umbra are just old running buddies.”

”Yes. Used to be.”

”But when he abandoned me in the shadow realm, things changed a lot!”


”Wait, Wha...?”

Comments ( 8 )

Ooh, a twist! Who is this mysterious pegasus?

What Shadow Realm? What is she going on about?

Her name’s Hikari. Heh, I’ll have to draw her; I came up with her on the spot.

But I have it in my head that when she says “old running buddies” she means they used to be a couple that would get into small (or big) excursions together.

When his dad died, he left the shadow realm, and left Hikari in it.

Ooh. Looking forward to seeing where this goes (though I hope she doesn't mess with Umbra and Passion's relationship)

The name “Hikari” is in the blog.

Heh, yeah, saw that right after I posted the comment :twilightsheepish:

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