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    It is done

    Traditional version before I make it shitty for the memes

    ”Quit poking me with that shit!”

    ”Get offa me then!”

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  • 30 weeks
    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

    I keep getting startled by my profile picture on here because I forget that this is also my account. I spend a shit ton of time on my Alt. But I am thinking of transferring some of my stories onto my other account as well!

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    Another profile change because I have no life

    Apparently the name “Griffy” is already taken, so—

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    Nom nom

    Griff is biscuit

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  • 45 weeks
    No one:

    Blu when his friends are posting like nine vent blogs about one drama:

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Devoured · 3:59pm Jul 31st, 2020

”Heheh. That was fun, we should do it again sometime!”

”Eh, I dunno. Ponyville has grown on me. Besides, you would not last spending week with me in Tokyo. Or... any foreign country.”

”Aww, why not?”

”Trust me. You would not like kind of things I get into.”

”Heh. Uh... what should we do? About my dad? You know, since he’s clearly pure evil, and stuff. Like, should we get Celestia, or...”

”No need. I mean, when has she ever done anything useful?”

”Ah, okay... maybe not Celestia, but... shouldn’t we do something about—“

”I said no. Starfruit was bad pony, did bad things. Does not deserve second thought.”

”Well... if you say so...”

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Comments ( 10 )

Good job dodging that bullet Umbra

”What bullet?”


Nothing Passion, I was talking about a...previous excursion Umbra has been on...

“Umbra... was definitely full...”


”Uh, nothing.”

Don't worry about it Passion. And don't worry about Starfruit either, you don't need to think about that awful stallion right now, you're having a nice day


Alright then *makes cookies appear* here


(Passion seems to forget all that’s been happening as he gets into a playing position, tail wagging as he’s ready to pounce...)


D'aww, here you go *tosses cookie to him*

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