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    hey so you know how I was like "I'll update on the 5th!!"? well so about that

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The Enchanted Library: Remastered and Re-Uploaded · 12:02am July 31st

Hello, folks!

Do you like RariTwi? Do you like fairytales? Do you like ghosts? Do you like...

Ghost RariTwi?

Well, do I have news for you! We have been hard at work for these past months working on the NEW and IMPROVED version of the Fimfiction Classic RariTwi Ghostbusters also known as The Enchanted Library.

Now, we know what you're thinking. There's a bunch of stories out there in the world. So many other stories you could pick up and read instead. But, I ask of you to consider the following:

Ghost smooching.

And not only that, but gramatically-correct ghost smooching. Scandalous!

Have you been wanting to re-read? Have you not read it yet because you tell yourself it's too long, Mono, or but reading, Mono, or a bunch of other excuses because you don't want to admit to yourself in the dark of the night that you're too afraid to let yourself feel again?

Well, let yourself feel, god damn it, with these and many more changes that my amazing editor RBDash47 and I have brought to the story:

  • Fixed so many grammatical and story consistency mistakes. So many. Like 1000.
  • God, there were so many edits.
  • Fixed all the consistency errors with Twilight's Ghost Form.
  • Fixed and edited minor plotlines that I forgot about.
  • Added at least one more instance of RariTwi.
  • Loved it.
  • Cared for it.
  • Never left it.
  • Fixed inconsistency issues with me changing the header design every other chapter.
  • Removed all traces of the ciphers.
  • Mourned the ciphers.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Cried during the Curse Arc.

Still not convinced? It's fine. That's why we have CHOICE QUOTES from other satisfied readers! Check it out!

  • "This made me a shipper and I hate it." —SigmasonicX
  • "Very flammable, great kindling." —Professor Plum
  • "Came for the adventure, stayed for the romance, turns out it was an adventure after all. In romance."—Nonchalant
  • "Reading this is akin to having your heart broken and mended again at least four times, amazing Romance. I rate this 5 out of 5 traumatic experiences" —Cursori
  • "10/10 would spend 2 years copyediting again." —RBDash47
  • "The best story that I've never read!" —Mousse
  • "I loved this book so much I travelled 4,600 miles to meet the author. Met Pikachu instead."—Loofa
  • "Tired of not being able to kiss your purple gf? Try this one weird trick!"—Kits
  • "Haha! Remember how I thought I'd be done with this and the sequel by 2016? Hahahaha. God, I'm so tired." —Monochromatic

You heard it here first, folks! Experience the Ultimate Monochromatic story in digital form, and sometime soon in BOOK FORM! BOOK FORM!


- Mono

Report Monochromatic · 1,378 views · Story: The Enchanted Library ·
Comments ( 57 )

...Yeah, why not, I'll queue in a reread of TEL. Not soon, sorry, but...whenever I'm out of stories to read for when I'm on break at work...it's hard to find something better to fall back on.

Just this blogpost was an adventure of hilarity to read, lol!!!

I mean, not that I really needed an actual excuse to re-read the literal first story I added to my favorites, but it'll do as one anyway. It is so great to see this coming together for you, Mono.

Guess I have to do a reread then.

Embossed leather hardback when? :twilightsmile::raritywink:

I'll take whatever book form book books into bookxistence.

Yay! I'll start re-reding TEL tonight!!

I love to cry myself to sleep reading about purple GF's.



"Haha! Remember how I thought I'd be done with this and the sequel by 2016? Hahahaha. God, I'm so tired." —Monochromatic

You poor, poor deluded fool :pinkiesad2:

I have been Spooped.

LOLl loved the choice quotes section!! brilliant!

But I already love it and don’t have time to re-read it! 😭

> removed herobrine
Awww... really? Herobrine just sorta chilling barely off camera with Donald Duck was my favourite bit of TEL.

Added at least one more instance of RariTwi.

Ah, the one edit that matters.

And not only that, but gramatically-correct ghost smooching. Scandalous!

Oh, my! I wonder if there will be...dental fricatives :pinkiegasp:

(It sounds naughty, but is just the name of a sound that "th" makes - dental fricative)

I'm just being silly :pinkiesmile:


I’m just sad it’d be impossible for me to tell what parts exactly where changed/added/removed/etc. – don’t have nearly a good enough memory to compare.

That said, I have the EPUB of the original (have I mentioned it’s amazing that FimFic lets us download EPUBs?) – is there a way to compare two EPUB files for differences and go through them? Would be neato …

EDIT: Seems there are a few tools that let you do that, so that’s cool.

A Ghostbusters/TEL crossover. The mind boggles.

"Hey, Mom!" Rarity really did not want to dump this on her parents, but she really did not know where to go with it. "Remember that story about the ghost Princess in the Library?"

"Of course, Sweetie. I mean Rarity," said Cookie as she took a tray out of the oven. "You've practically worn your father's ears off with that story over the last few weeks, and I know it's good to have an active imagination, but--" Cookie cut off as the heavy book-shaped chunk of equipment hit the kitchen table, still steaming and giving off a faint purple glow.

"I have proof!" declared Rarity. "Um... Just as soon as I figure out how to get her out of the trap. Uh, and how to calm her down. Do you think she's going to be terribly angry?"


It's back!!:pinkiehappy:
I've been waiting for a long time.:raritycry:

This is off-topic, but I wonder how the Ghostbusters would deal with curses?

Did you say book form?

I will buy the ever loving hell out of this

kits #22 · July 31st · · ·

The ciphers will be missed :<

gramatically-correct ghost smooching. Scandalous!

Okay, well as long as they're not making pottery at any point, I'm up for a re-read.

Tell me they're not making pottery while smooching!! :duck:

Edit: You know I'm just joking, right? I love this story. :twilightsmile:

I love this story

Best raritwi story in existance. Cant wait to read though this again.

The Ghostbusters blow up/trap unwanted ghosts. I don't think this applies.

Site Blogger

Hey can you send me a copy of that epub? I'm curious too but didn't archive the original.

Noc #28 · July 31st · · ·

Sure thing. Here’s a WeTransfer link (23 MB, expires in 1 week) for anyone else who may want an EPUB of the original, pre-revision version. (I’m assuming these links are allowed, but if not, please let me know and I’ll nuke it and go to DMs instead.)

In the end there were too many tiny style & typographical edits to compare – I tried calibre’s compare-files tool and it was just overwhelming – so I kinda gave up going through them after less than a chapter. But maybe other folks have more patience, who knows.

I literally just finished reading TEL, like, a month ago... I'll just read the new improved version when I get the book!! :twilightsmile:

Just read for the first time weeks ago and now this...


Oh boy. Here we go again!


RIP the ciphers, for they will be missed. (Unfortunately I think a few of them broke over time anyways. But they were Innovative and Fun!)

I re-read the whole thing not even a week ago. I guess it's time to go in again.

What? What is it? 'There are other books I haven't read yet' you say? Heresy. There is only one book ever and it's RariTwi Ghostbusters.

Still not a shipper, but I greatly enjoyed the story, so sure, I'll give it a reread.

FoxyLove #36 · July 31st · · 24 ·

While it was an effort to read your first part of the Enchanted Library, I am Amazed that you found time to re-edit and upgrade that story, yet still not post a new chapter or two of it's sequel.

Is writers block stopping that or are you procrastinating from doing other thing?

Well, as I’ve mentioned recently, TEL is being published as a book, which is why it takes priority. I also have a full-time day job, one other story that regularly updates, non-writing obligations, my original works, and a bunch of other stuff. Additionally, writing takes time for me, and TEK just finished a huge arc and got multiple updates in the span of two months.

Working on TEK is actually a huge endeavor, because it takes away time from my original work, and though I will continue to do it because I love it, I admittedly don’t appreciate the tone of this comment. It’s coming across a little entitled and dismissive of my time/efforts.

Regardless, it’s neither procrastination nor writers block. I just have other things going on that take precedence :)

I sure am afraid to feel things, but you've convinced me! :raritystarry: well actually I was partway through the first chapter when you announced the edit, so I decided to wait. Now I can start again! Thank you for your re-editing efforts!

I felt confused by the traces of the ciphers during my first read because people kept mentioning them, and I had no idea what they were talking about. What were they all about?


Site Blogger


How can I not reread it now? *_*

"Came for the adventure, stayed for the romance, turns out it was an adventure after all. In romance."—Nonchalant

A wild ride :rainbowlaugh:
How do I favourite this blogpost?

Were there any major storylines or scenes that changed in the rewrite?

I remember starting reading a translated version of this story, now that my English is a bit better and I found the original (well now not so original) version I'm gonna start over, buuut a bit later, not feeling like starting an averagely long story right now.

They were things in both the author's notes, and hidden in the in story letters and such that when worked out were hints and teasers and such for future chapters/plot elements, and since the story is now complete, they're not really relevant anymore.

This has been sitting in my RiL list for sometime now. I'm not sure why I haven't started it. Maybe because I'm not much of a RariTwi shipper? IDK. I am a sucker for sappy romances though. Will this hit my comfy, sappy romance buttons? Guess it's time to find out.

Site Blogger

The only real change of note is that it is now a TwiDash story

I'm kidding please don't kill me

Cannot wait for that book release

Well here we go again (pulls out a box of tissues in preparation for the incoming feels) :pinkiehappy:

Why you gotta do me like this author-san. I never finished the book only made till the 6th or 7th chapter before my short attention span kicked in, butt I can't wait to see what changed and what stayed the same.

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