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Umbra Being Vicious Af · 10:43pm Jul 30th, 2020

*getting out of the car*

”Where are you going?”

”I’m going to get my wallet.”

”Bring me my red bag with my vodka!

(Umbra throws a dagger near Passion’s neck...)

”C-Can I have the key?”

”’Can I have the key?’ Yes, you can have the key...”

“Dude, your dad’s Russian? God, what’s that like?”

”Well, he’s not my dad, he’s just—“

”Что, черт возьми, ты делаешь?! Get in here and do the dishes!”

*sigh* “Coming...”

”Что, черт возьми, не так с этими аметерами ?! Это все равно что пытаться заставить осла пить воду!”

”Passion! Umbra’s teaching his rookie troop with a bottle of vodka; I wanna stop him, but I also wanna live.”

*sigh* “Coming!”

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Huh. Well, now we all know not to mess around with Umbra (in case anyone didn't already know)

Yeah...kinda reminds me of Pharynx trying to train his incompetent soldiers.

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