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Initial Revels · 8:35pm July 30th

I'm fully aware of the role swap contest that wraps up in a few days. I love the idea (It hinges on AUs, how could I not?) but between other projects and my muse coming up blank, I didn't think I'd be able to throw my hat in the ring. Well, I only got the idea a few days ago and the deadline's tomorrow, so I still may not, but I can at least work with it. And offer a preview:

Cheese Sandwich had had many homes in his life, but Canterlot would always hold a special place in his heart.

But he couldn’t linger at Restaurant Row or the Polka District today. Today, he had an appointment with the princess, and that superseded any other engagements. The guards in their alchemically-treated jawbreaker plate saluted him as he passed, the uniform gray coats and green eyes under their color-speckled armor making so much more sense than they did a scant few years ago.

Cheese moved through the castle corridors with familiar ease. Nopony stopped or challenged him. If anything, they moved aside as they saw the humorless way he held himself, to say nothing of how he was actually walking from place to place.

Soon enough, he reached the throne room, where the guards opened the doors for him without hesitation. The herald said nothing beyond playing Cheese’s personal leitmotif on the ceremonial kazoo.

And Princess Pinkie smiled on the Cotton Candy Throne, her roiling hair distinguishable from the plush cushions only by virtue of its constant motion. “Cheesy! What can I do for my bestest student?”

“Hello, Your Highness,” Cheese ground out like he'd sandpapered his throat. “I’m here for answers.”

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Comments ( 12 )

I never knew how much I needed something until this moment.

Are we going to see Nightmare Boulder, as well?

To quote Luci from "Disenchantment:"
Do it!
Do it do it do it!

I'm Princess Pinkie Pie
And of you're wondering why
There's glitter in the sky
It's 'cause I think it's really cool


That's gonna be an adventure.

When I think of Pinkie in charge I think of Chaos Pinkie from the comics, though. :pinkiehappy:

Reese #6 · July 30th · · ·

Well. :D

Oh my God :pinkiegasp:
Even if you don't make the contest, you gotta do it :pinkiehappy:
To quote this SockPuppet and 'Luci': Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it :pinkiecrazy:

I see how people are thinking Cheese is Alt-Twilight... But no reason it can't be that Cheese is Alt-Sunset??

This is an interesting universe intro...

And now I'm imagining the pie sisters as an Alicorn quartet. Pinkie handles the actual ruling and all the partying and politics and frivolity, while her sisters handle the rocks, rocks, and other rocks. Or to put it in different terms: Maud and Marble keep the planet turning from comfortable obscurity and Pinkie takes the spotlight. In this analogy Limestone is the Nightmare, yes.

What? The moon is a big rock.

God, what a world that would be.

Would her parents still be around? I feel like they'd be in a sort of eternal beverley hillbillies scenario, lurking in the background of the palace, looking all bemused and world-weary while Pinkie alicorns everywhere.

You've found a question than doesn't have a clean yes/no response. Kudos!

5325822 5325930
Oh, it's being done. I just doubt it'll be done before the end of today.

It's Friday all the time
All legislation has to rhyme
My throne is made of slime
And Gummy's in the castle pool!

(Actually, none of these are true, but it is certainly an alternate reality.)

She doesn't look that different from the Princess of Chaos. Pretty much just the cutie mark is different. (Three balloons, not nine.)

You're more right than you know and more wrong than you suspect.

Cloudy and Igneous are more like Greek titans in this setting, vast entities too removed from mortals to properly understand them, and vice versa. Both dwell deep in the earth, their children autochthonous expressions of harmony and guidance for equinity.

Taking rock farming to a whole new level.

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