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    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

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    No one:

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Parasite 3: Control · 4:41pm Jul 30th, 2020

”Woah, what the...”

(All three of Starfruit’s friends watch as ‘Starfruit’s body begins to rise...)

”Ahhh... It has been long time since I have done this...”

”That... That parasite... he’s... actually a parasite?!”

”Eheheh... but being parasite like me gets annoying at times... it gets hard to move in this shell... like a changeling shedding old carapace...”

“Okay, let’s kill him.”

(But Starfruit’s friends had no luck, as they were all on the ground, black, tar like liquid leaking out of their eyes, noses, and mouths...)

”Ever... ever since my father died, I... I have tried to hold myself back from consuming others the way us Shadow Ponies are used to... but... I have all the more reason not to spare any of you...”

(Umbra opens his mouth, and his jaw unhinges, showing many rows of teeth, and swirling around was a freakish tongue, coating each and every single tooth in stringy saliva...)

Comments ( 9 )

Woah...Umbra's so awesome!

Heheh. Thanks. He tries.

No problem, seriously, he's so cool

Well, shit just went from 0-100 real fucking fast.

Now he’s just gotta do something about Passion.


After he films a Mukbang with Starfruit and his friends’ bodies.

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