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Top 10 things I hate about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wa · 4:04am July 30th

This was just something that's been in the back of my mind, but if you're curious, no, I don't hate the show, I still love it for what it is and the fans that are still keeping it alive. These are just my personal gripes looking back at the show, so if you don't have a problem with them, that's great. More power to you. And I'll be going from very minor nitpicks to VERY huge problems, at least to me, personally. So get your popcorn or french fries ready, because this will get pretty salty. And spoilers to the entire show and movies, if you haven't seen them.

10: The Inconvenient Timeline. We're started off with something light that I'm sure we've all just accepted, where the world of Equestria is just a seizure of days. Even back in season 1, we had Winter Wrap up, an episode around the phase from winter to Spring, and the next episode is the beginning of autumn in Fall weather Friends. Of course, the entire show is around "moons", meaning it's just vague enough so the writers can get away with the actual date. But it's at the bottom because... well, I don't think having an exact date is necessary, persay, since we've had lots of villains that came from "1000 years ago.". The vagueness I can accept.

#9: All the Holidays. Not just all the "Hearths Warming" episodes we've received in the summer in the past, but a good majority of them are centered around a weird and obscure holiday that's usually never mentioned again. Seriously, with so many holidays, I can see why Pinkie has so many parties. This is a sort of expansion to the previous entry, and it's at the bottom for a bit of the same reason, but seriously, I know holidays are good, but I think a quiet day should help.

#8: The princesses are weak AF. I'm not saying the princesses should be ALWAYS active, stopping everything immediately, but c'mon, they lose to every villain. I was able to understand the first 2 to 3 times, but then they just became a joke afterwards, literally becoming those NPCs you return to after completing a mission in an MMORPG, or worse, an escort mission. If it weren't for the otherwise hilarious episode in Season 9 where the princesses actually acted, and the Mane 6 acknowledged that they didn't do anything, then this would've been a bit higher.

#7: The Student 6 underutilized tree house. I know, this was in Season 9, literally the last season of the show, so they couldn't go in depth on how their new tree house went, but I really wish we could explore it more.

#6: The royal guards are Storm Troopers. The last few entries were nitpicks, but now we're REALLY getting into the nitty gritty! And what better way than the most useless military in all of Equestria, the royal guards! If you watch Josh Scorcher/Firebrand, then you'll easily understand why they're useless, but if you're new, this is why they're terrible: They're easily defeated by any major threat, are easily distracted by cake or parties, don't take initiative to investigate something out of the ordinary, AND don't use their spears or weapons!!! I know it's a kids show, but watch the Season 5 finale where Twilight lands in an alternate future where Equestria is at war with King Sombra and his brainwashed forces! Citizen or not, the guards don't use weapons, and instead, look like they're aggressively hugging each other! And speaking of Sombra...

#5: Sombra is the joke of villains. If you remember, there was a joke about how Gak, a slime toy, had more screen time than Sombra. That is true, and though he had a menacing look, he did nothing but laugh and mutter "crystals." In the alternate future in the Season 5 finale, we see Sombra's dark magic, literally brainwashing the crystal ponies through dark helmets to become his army. Unfortunately, that was very short, because Twilight had to get back to the past to stop Starlight altering the future. And now, in the Season 9 premiere, Sombra came back to join the other villains... but just sounded like a very flamboyant fashion designer instead of being somewhat menacing, and went off to take over Equestria on his own... and was killed again. Unless he's supposed to be a joke on all those "edgy villains", he's just a character that had potential, but became a laughing stock on how to NOT do a villain.

#4: Season 8 being all over the place. In this season, the mane 6 decide to teach friendship to other students from across the world. Doesn't sound too bad... unfortunately, it didn't even do much with it's premise. Instead, we just got a hodgepodge of slice of life episodes that feel like they should be from WAY earlier seasons, map episodes, and the only oh so good episodes with the young 6. Seriously, I wanted to see more of the students than the teachers, because at least the students are new characters with interesting backgrounds! 2/3 episodes don't revolve around the school! They made a big deal out of it in the premier, but forgot about it in the later episodes! And speaking of Season 8...

#3: What is Cozy Glow's Backstory!? For the uninitiated, Cozy Glow is a pink pegasus filly with the very obviously evil Darla Dimpleton/Baby Doll hairstyle and a rook piece from chess as her cutie mark. She was introduced in Season 8 as a filly that needed help from the Cutie mark crusaders, was in some of the school episodes, and became the obvious villain at the finale. But... what's her backstory? How did she get in Twilight's school when everyone else looks like they're between teenagers and young adults? Is she an orphan? Did her parents sign her up? Is she actually a mare that looks like a filly due to a birth defect? If it's the first two... then Equestria's justice system is WAY fucked up now, since they just sent a filly, a literal child, into Equestria's equivalent to Hell, with her caretaker/guardian/parents not even knowing what happened to her! Even worse now, thanks to the series finale, when she, Chrysalis, and Tirek are encased in stone for nearly all of eternity! I can now see why people hate how Starlight Glimmer wasn't punished for her action.

#2: Season 3 being short for Equestria Girls. I know it has it's fans... but I REALLY don't like Equestria Girls. It's just a bland high school setting where the occasional magic problem happens, but it's really Hasbro's attempt to enter the weird market that Monster High has. I'm sorry, but a lot of it's rules doesn't make sense, such as ponies becoming humans, but dragons turning into dogs? And apparently Changelings into cats? Is this a weird, all pony supremacist spell that says "all creatures that aren't ponies are inferior"? I might sound like I'm over examining it, but at least in MLP, the different creatures have their different cultures that make each area unique and worth some exploration. And I'd like to escape to fantasy than see another high school setting that's BORING.

#1: Season 4's sub arc that went nowhere. An entire season long arc that went nowhere... no, not the keys that unlocked the box to make Twilight's castle, but everyone cleaning up the old castle of the princesses that was destroyed when Luna turned into Nightmare Moon. They put in the effort to make the old, abandoned castle clean and presentable... but abandoned that as soon as the other newer, more shinier castle appeared. ...WHY DID YOU CLEAN IT UP!?!?!? Oh, and it gets better, because shortly after the Season 9 premiere, when the students gather to make a mural for the tree of harmony, it just grows and DESTROYS the castle above it! ALL THAT CLEANING FOR NOTHING!!! And to add more salt, in the prologue, Twilight LEAVES HER CASTLE TO LIVE IN CANTERLOT!!! All that cleaning was not only a waste of time, but the new castle was also abandoned just because Celestia and Luna retired, and need Twilight to take over for them!!! It's the literal version of getting an old car, cleaning it up so much that it's now presentable again, to quickly abandoning it because your parents got you a Prius, and then abandoning that to get your grandparent's vehicle that's older than the Prius, yet not as old as the car you cleaned up, but is the best functioning car out of them all, and the older car is just towed away and destroyed!!!

Whoo... ok, it's all out now... lots of things that make me angry and/or I personally hate. Do you have anything you hate about G4? Agree? Disagree? Leave your comments below. I'll be seeing you later, right after my birthday. (24 on August 2nd)

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Hopefully, I guess, there will be rewrites for the show.

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