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Legally Illegal: The Russian Twist · 12:31am Jul 30th, 2020

(Oculus walks in on a drunken Umbra, holding a sizable bottle of vodka...)

”Woah, man. You look buzzed. Wait two years for me, I’ll party with you.”

”Umbra needs no party. Only him, himself, and Umbra.”

”You haven’t changed a bit.”

”Neither has your dick size.”


(Oculus turns away, but then Umbra grabs his shoulder and turns him back around...)


(Umbra passes him a revolver and a shot of vodka as he sits him down...)

”Umbrumian Roulette. Мои самые большие соболезнования. Good luck.”


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Comments ( 26 )

I thought umbra was a girl

Remember Oculus, Spin it to Win it.

Probably because of the ‘a’ at the end of his name.

“I-I can try...”

”Oh, what is the matter? I have played by same advice many years ago. Look where I am now.”

Huh...Equestria's version of Russian Roulette? I'd want to see that...

Here's a tip. Put the barrel somewhere where you can see the bullet down the barrel and in the chamber (It is a revolver). If it's in there either kill yourself, fire it somewhere else, or fire it at Umbra.

I thought umbra was a female sombra:rainbowlaugh:

”That’s ridiculous, I’m not gonna shoot him!”

”Besides, I cannot die from that kind of firearm penetration.”


(Oculus points the gun at his head. It clicks, but luckily, no bullet was there...)

”Whew... You’re not exactly helping my case here!”

”Oh, do not be such a big baby.”

Still, try it. It just might save your life. Just point the gun somewhere the bullet won't be lethal, like a wall, or the roof.

Whaat? I just thought it'd be interesting. Don't worry, if you get shot I'll take you to a hospital.

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot that R63 Sombra was called Umbra.


So do we wanna place bets or are we just gonna sit and watch?

Well, this Umbra is an OC

“Well, thanks... I’ll make sure to try it...”

(Oculus takes his shot of Vodka, and then Umbra pours him another round...)

”If I die, I am dying drunk. Oh, wait, I forgot, I cant.”

Oooh, really? Never noticed.

Oh don't say that

Hm...I don't have any money but I'll bet...five cookies on Oculus getting shot and me having to rush him to the hospital


”Deal!” *pants eagerly*

Heh, okay, so that's one taker. You realize if you lose you have to give me five cookies, right?

Okay then. Good luck

”I look like a fuckin’ joke?”

“As long as I get to keep Umbrumian vodka.”

”Wait, how old are you?”

”Seventeen. Keep mouth shut or I shut it myself.”

”Okay. Okay.”

Just making sure. And don't worry, I won't say anything. I'm probably not even supposed to be in here anyway.

I'll raise your bet to 10 cookies on Oculus, and I'll put 25 bits down on Umbra.

”Ahahaha. A man of courage, I see. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see.”

”Yeah, whatever, just go ahead...”

Uh... guys.

What did we say about roleplaying?

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