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Someone is not lating me submit my story · 10:29pm July 29th

I have have been trying to submit my story but some people arnt letting me .
Please tell me what meeds changeing

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As far as I know, you should get an email from admin/story approver indicating the problems. If you haven't, then the story may be in queue. This can last up to a few DAYS before it gets approved - be patient :unsuresweetie:

I did all the right reqmants but still thay won't let me submit my story



I had a user having his story rejected by the mods, and asking me to refactor it. The story he sent to me was... one giant mess, lacking punctuation, capitalization, and so on. It was one 1000+ words paragraph, dialog mixed with narration, it was unreadable. No way it would pass moderation.

Maybe you have a similar problem with formatting? They didn't give you the reason why it's getting rejected?

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