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    It is done

    Traditional version before I make it shitty for the memes

    ”Quit poking me with that shit!”

    ”Get offa me then!”

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    I need to be way more present on this account tbh

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    Another profile change because I have no life

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    Nom nom

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    No one:

    Blu when his friends are posting like nine vent blogs about one drama:

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Somber · 9:55pm Jul 29th, 2020

Hey, um, again, I apologize for not saying something earlier when I got a bit uncomfy. Err, from now on, I’ll make sure to let you all know how I’m feeling instead of going dead.

”Passion...милый дурак ... Why... why didn’t you listen to me...?”

(Umbra lowers his head and begins to stifle a cry into Passion’s chest...)

“Ah. Sad times, I know.”

(Instead of turning around and fighting back like he usually would, Umbra continues to sob...)

”Oh, get a grip, will you?”

(Umbra doesn’t answer...)

”Hey, hey, come on, this isn’t like you! What’s with the soft boy namby pamby stuff, huh?”

”I...I could not save you...”


”You think we should teach him a lesson as well...?”

”No... no, there is no ‘we’. This guy, he’s been telling me how to raise my kid for years, and he couldn’t even keep him from dying.”

”Well, take care of the son of a bitch.”

”I...I will.”

”Passion... Passion, wake up... I-I beg you...”

*brandishing a syringe* “You ready to pay a visit to your father...?”

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Comments ( 14 )

Umbra, look out!

Uh-oh. Here it comes.


“Aw. You’ll ruin all the fun.”

So help me if you do this there will be an arrow where your heart should be.

”I’m tired of this... silhouette walking around and darkening the mood all the time... telling me how to raise my son...”

Well, he wasn't wrong to tell you that you weren't being a good father

”I-I tried and got hurt first time... U-Umbra should be... p-pulverized next...”

Oh Umbra, don't say that...

(Umbra continues to sob...)

”Barely paying attention. Who knew that a shadow warrior could be so sensitive?”

Hey! *Slaps him* Everyone deserves to feel!

”Ow. Well, considering the way he bottles up his emotions all the time, I just assumed he didn’t know how.”

Even creatures who hide their emotions still have to let them out sometimes. And now is a perfectly logical time to do so

“Well, enough chitchat. I’ve got me a shadow to finish off.”

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