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His Colleagues · 6:58pm Jul 29th, 2020

”So... Pash’.”


”Um... I made a few... calls...”

”And what kind of calls did you make?”

”Just a few... friends... from the workplace.”

”And what kind of friends are they?”



(Umbra begins sharpening his blades...)

”I am just getting head start.”

”It’s just that—“

“Oooh! So this is the ‘Passion Fruit’ you were talking about?”

”Dude, look at his chest fur!”

“...I wonder what he’d look like shaved...”

”Okay, okay, calm down...”

“Yes... before Umbra starts testing out new blades...”

”So, Pash’ Pash’, these are my friends...”

”They, um... they’re... nice...”

”...And they’re going to help me with a very special procedure. Um... extracting your inner ‘wolf demon’... you know... to make you less of a, uh... monstrosity.”

(Umbra snarls before tossing three daggers stocks the wall near Starfruit and his friends...)

”That is completely ridiculous! Passion Fruit is great pony just the way he is. No
extraction needed.”

”Now hold on just a minute, Umbra...”

”Yeah, um... ‘great pony’ kind of already consented to this.”

”Wait, what...?”

”Yeah, um... I just... I just didn’t know how to tell you...”

”Passion, no. You are not doing this; you are perfect just the way you are, милый дурак.”

”Look, I know you may be a bit paranoid, but... but it’s gonna be alright. Maybe this is healthy for me.”

”Passion... do not do this.”

”Sorry to burst your bubble, buckaroo. But he’s coming with us.”

”Yeah, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of him.”

“I cannot watch...”

”You guys... you guys, you were right... I think I just needed a little change of pace...”

”Dad... I... I thought you... I thought you changed...”

”The patient seems to be experiencing a lack of respect. Let’s fix that with some metal force!”

(The gang laughs evilly as Starfruit flips a switch, sending a giant, metal rod through Passion’s torso. His eyes slowly lose their glow...)

*comes running in* ”Passion! I heard laughing, and noises, and, and...”

Comments ( 43 )

I love the dark turn at the end, HAHAHAHA!

Looks like the whole “New Leaf” thing blew up right in Passion’s face...

Alright, that's it! Umbra, I get the second shot! *Makes bow appear and notches arrow.* Say your prayers, ηλίθιο πόνυ

Uh... that’s Greek.

I know, it's my favorite language

How is it okay? They impaled Passion!

Uh...Umbra? You alright?

No I’m trying to calm umbra down!



(Umbra walks over to Passion, looks at his body, then lowers his head...)

”Why... why would it be okay? H-How... How is... is anything... o-okay...?”

It's not, nor will it be. I have yet to play my hand, and I hold all the cards.

Okay, you're getting a hug! *Suspends bow in purple aura and wraps wing over Umbra* I know it's not 'okay', but...I really just don't know what to say in this situation...

Don’t snap if you do you’ll just be proving a point maybe we can save him



”...Do not... do not touch him... g-get away...”

But...Umbra, we might be able to save him....where's Toast? I think he mentioned being able to bring creatures back

“I... don’t... care... I said get away...”

Umbra, we can help, please...*takes a few steps back and grabs bow* Even if it's just sending this arrow into Starfruit's head.

Right here and I can, I just need to call.
I understand you have made a decision, but considering it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it. *pokes Passion's leg*

”Ты чертовски глухой ?! I said, get away!

Can someone Google Translate his Russian butt? I don't speak Vodka.

It looks like it's a no...

No I'm not deaf, για την αγάπη της Λούνα, προσπαθώ να βοηθήσω!

Why don’t you do it?

He asked if I was deaf

I mean, we just want to help...Passion can't be...

“I don’t want... your... help...”

But...but Passion...

I... said.. go!

But if we can save him...

Well to bad, time for the can can.
*several canisters break through the windows*

Here, take this. *passes Melody a Gas Mask*

*The canisters start spewing out gas, filling the room with a thick, green fog-like gas*

”Просто заткнись и уходи!”

Okay...*slips on mask*

Too late for that, I think...


*Zeika walks through the door way, her eyes shining a deep, emerald green, visible through the toxic fog*

Hmmm, he's been impaled? Easy fix.

*She picks Passion up with her magic, slipping on a mask over his face*

So he's going to be alright? *voice muffled by mask*

Um...what? *Ears flop down* Did we do something wrong...?

Yes, he will be just fine.
*she walks back out the way she came in, the body of one of Starfruit's coworkers slumps into the doorway coughing violently before going silent*


Geez...it's like the Attack of the Dead Bugs only without the attack part...though that could be changed...*lifts bow*

Yeah, I was listening to Sabaton whilst I was throwing up character ideas and that song came up. Needless to say, I was inspired to rework her completely into what you see now.

Ah. MlpHero was the one who showed me that one. Anyway...could I work in the 'attack' part now? *Notches arrow*

Gladly *Grins and aims at Starfruit* Where do you want it, βλάκας? Where the sun don't shine, between your eyes, or where your heart should be?

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