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Parasite · 4:24pm Jul 29th, 2020

”I just... don’t understand why you hate me so much. I mean, I just want my son to be happy.”

”You did not seem that way when he was younger. I remember like it was yesterday...”

(Thirteen year old Umbra and ten year old Passion are running around the laboratory...)

”Вернитесь сюда! Snejni Mishka does not belong to you!!!”

”Prove it then! Ahaha!”

(Young Passion Fruit continues running until he bumps into something important in a small glass vile. It falls down, then shatters...)

”Oh no... U-Umbra, help me clean this up— quick!”


”Passion... what did you do?!”

”Dad! Dad, I’m— I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean—“

(Starfruit takes Passion Fruit by the hoof, aggressively dragging him to an operation table and strapping him down...)

”Can’t you see daddy worked really hard on that?!”

”I’m sorry! Just... Just please don’t hurt me, I’m sorry!”

”For Prince Sombra’s sake, let him go, he did not mean any harm!”

”And who are you to tell me what to do with my son?”

“Who are you to be his father?”

”Are you the one that hurt my son...?“

”Ah. Captain Pall.” *bows* “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

”My son. You know that Umbrum cannot tolerate any sort of plasmic energy! How dare you wound the future Captain of the Shadow Warriors?”

”When some parasite comes into my house and tells me how to raise my son, I think I hold the right to do as I please.”

”No... No, that couldn’t have been you...”

”Ring any bells?”

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Comments ( 30 )

Geez, okay now I really want to stick an arrow through Starfruit's eyes.

*huffs* “He hurt my best friend... father died because of him...”

Oh, Umbra...I'm so sorry...I'd give you a hug but you don't seem like the kind of creature that likes hugs...


”He’s... really touchy about his dad...”

I really don’t like the dad

Oh...sorry Umbra...

”Neither... neither does Umbra...”

”I, um... spent time in a mental asylum... trying to not be insane now...”

”Umbra does not believe you.”

“Hmph. I am not that sensitive. Just... bitter.”

”I don’t trust him completely just yet, but I can tell he’s trying...”

Same thing. You want a cookie?

”Umbra does not do junk food.”

It's gluten and sugar free?

”Hmmm... Umbra is considering.”


Kay. Just let me know if you want it

”I’ll just, uh, hold it for him. In case he wants it...”

*Raises brow* Okay, I'll trust you not to eat it, but just in case...*makes two cookies appear* The one with chocolate chips is for you, the other one is for Umbra

”Heheh... I like oatmeal and raisin... on the rare occasion cookies are eaten...”

”Yay, cookie!”

(Much like an ecstatic puppy would nab a treat, Passion grabs the chocolate chip cookie in his mouth...)

Alright, alright, slow down Passion. Coincidentally, I figured you'd like oatmeal and raisin so that's what the other cookie is. Passion, please try not to eat it.

(Passion starts drooling...)

No, it's for Umbra.

(Passion whimpers, then sinks to the ground and looks with pleading eyes...)

Okay, fine...*makes another cookie appear* Maybe I had just better hold onto Umbra's cookie...

(Passion pants eagerly and gets into a pouncing position...)

Okay, here! *Tosses cookie at him*

(Passion catches it instantly, swallowing it in one bite...)

Heh, you know, sometimes you remind me of a puppy. Or Echo. Or both.

“He is an intolerable mutt...”

(Passion whimpers...)

*pets him* “But... he is an okay guard dog, so... if he was a dog, I would still keep him.”

(Passion leans into his touch...)

Aww, that's sweet *pets Passion's head*

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