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Uncovering · 3:12pm Jul 28th, 2020

"Okay, so, guys, I'm pretty sure that Umbra has some sort of secret stash of junk food. Like, okay, look, the guy has a solid diet going on, and I never see him eat any sort of junk food besides fries. So today, we're gonna catch him cheating. On not his cheat day."

"Yo, Umbra, I'm going to the Hay Burger. Wanna come?"

"Nyet. I have been on shadow warrior diet since day I became shadow warrior. What is the point of stopping for some heart attack on a bun?"

(Passion watches as Umbra walks off in his normal, entitled gait...)


*snickering evilly* "Yo, I just caught Umbra coming from Sugarcube Corner. There's no way I'm not gonna trace him, now. C'mon, let's go ask Mr. Cake what he's been up to!"

"Hey, Mr. Cake. Has Umbra been in here, lately?"

"N-No! No more visitors! N-Not since-"

"Wait, what's happened?"

(They see Pinkie Pie rushing through the kitchen...)

"He wants an iron cake?! He wants a cake made of iron?!"

"Okay, okay, for real this time; Nothing extra, no games played during this experience. I literally saw Umbra eating chocolate cake."

(Passion walks up to Umbra, who is hunched over his cake, and turns him around...)

"Aha! I caught yooooouuuu...."

"You really thought you did something there, didn't you?"

(Umbra takes the iron weight and shoves it into Passion's face...)

(Passion is holding an ice pack to his eye...)

"So... Umbra's diet is none of my business."


*sigh* "And I should try my best to respect his privacy from now on..."

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Comments ( 15 )

Aww, poor Passion. Though he is right to learn to respect other's privacy.

“Umbra agrees.”

”Yeah, of course Umbra does— I-I mean, of course you do.”

Well, I mean, you really should respect someone else's privacy

”Yes. It is common courtesy. Refusing to oblige is like... bursting through someone’s window even though it is obvious they have a front door. It is so... what is word? Ah, rude.

”Hmph. Whatever.”

Aww, it's okay Passion. You're not always rude. *pats head*

”You know what’s also rude? Lying.”

I'm not lying. Pretty sure this is the first time he's invaded someone's privacy

”Well, actually...”

”Second hand account comes better from friend who has known him longer.”

True. So I take it he has done this before?

”On multiple accounts. Both to Umbra and to many old friends.”

First time I'm hearing of it. Passion...


”Only partial blame assigned. Some dogs can be very invasive.”

”Hey! I’m not a dog!”

Yeah, isn't he a part-wolf?

“Umbra is part irony. No excuse for hurt feelings he gives every pony else. Passion is no different.”

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