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Exposure, Isolation, and Nazis · 3:25am July 28th

That title got your attention?

So as a few of you know, I work in a state prison in Florida. I've mentioned it a few times. If you've made even a passing glance at the news lately, you know that things here in the Sunshine State are... not great in regards to the current pandemic. I'm sad to say that while it might have taken awhile, the rampant spread of Covid-19 has finally breached the (to this day) never-escaped-from fences of my place of employment.

And, despite my best efforts of the past few months, I was finally put into prolonged close contact with an inmate who is currently Covid positive. Specifically I had to ride in an ambulance with him. As my wife is a high risk pregnancy, the doctor at the hospital advised me to isolate for at least 5-7 days. I've tested, and I'm waiting on results. If negative, and no symptoms emerge, I can go home on Saturday.

So, here I am. Holed up in the local Quality Inn (paid for by my mother) while my wife and young son sit at home without me. I'm crushingly lonesome, but I am taking this opportunity to finish some previous engagements and get back to more equine-based projects.

Before I turn in for the night, I'd like (if I may) to briefly touch on the latest drama here on our beloved site. I don't need to go into specifics, you all know exactly what I'm talking about. Several writers I hold in high regard have chimed in on the issue (both sides of the issue, in point of fact) and for a while I also considered letting my feelings known.

But, man... I'm tired.

I'm tired of the ones who consider themselves crusaders, either for or against the damn thing. I'm tired of the bandwagon jumpers writing stories about a certain pale mare just to capitalize on controversy and get patted on the back by the same users for "striking back at those damned SJWs." I'm tired of slippery slope arguments over goddamn My Little Pony fanfiction.

I'm tired of the lack of nuanced discussion, the engaging of obvious trolls, and the (for lack of a better term) virtue signalling that seems to pop up in a new story every few days.

Mostly, I'm just tired of everyone forgetting about where we are and having proper perspective. FIMFiction is not the be all-end all battleground of free speech. This isn't a "First they came for the Nazi horses, then they came for the foalcon, and then the gorefics, and then the etc." situation. This site is the largest depository of fanfiction for a fandom that most of the world, let's face it, still considers a joke and a collective of deviants. You aren't fighting the war over freedom of speech here, sunshine.

And I may be tired now, but when this all flared up... I was fired up too. I thought I had something to say. I had a story in mind that would've taken my thoughts, my ideals, and put them in the mouths of characters who have brought me joy. Characters who have lent themselves into stories that I'm immensely proud of.

But the more I thought about it, I realized something; to use those characters as a mouthpiece would be a great disservice to them.

Maybe it's because I'm so lonely right now, but I really just want this place to go back to being the place I've loved for over eight years now. A place for us to tell our stories. ALL our stories. And goddamn, if you've got something to say with a story, at least be clever about it.

(says the guy whose current major villains in his long-running Continuity are a tribe of militaristic, supremacist pegasi)

That's... that's all I have to say, and if you've read this far, then thank you. Be excellent to each other. Stay six feet apart. Wear a damn mask.

I'm off to bed.

After all, each sleep is one more until I see my boy again.


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Comments ( 17 )

*standing ovation*

Stay safe

Will said. Very well said

You'll hear no arguments from me. I hope you aren't sick man. And I hope you can get back to your family.

Christ I feel this so much.

Stay strong dude 🖤

I'm sick of it too.

Hope you don't develop any symptoms.

Sucks that you got exposed.

I didn't know you were a prison guard! It's the "in Florida" part that makes me start worrying nowadays. Irresponsible people keep showing up their to party, and your governor is an idiot.

Too bad you can't upvote blog posts...

I just hope you end up negative. Getting infected by a disease is never anyone's idea of a good time.

Author Interviewer

Holed up in the local Quality Inn (paid for by my mother)

This tears me up. Your workplace should be paying for this, they're the ones who exposed you. :(

Best of luck to you. Break a leg, it's better than COVID.

I went to HR and made calls to several organizations who are supposed to help COs in emergency situations.

The organizations said they could do nothing for me, and HR reminded me that I'm expected to show up to work tomorrow unless I'm showing symptoms.

Stay safe and I hope you get negative and see your family soon.

Author Interviewer

Always good to know where you stand with a company. :|

I'm quite honestly surprised you Americans don't have constant workers' uprisings.

Author Interviewer

Our corporate overlords figured out about a hundred and fifty years ago how best to engineer society for maximum complacency.

It's not a foolproof system, of course, but it mostly works. :B

I kind of have this bubble of the people that I follow, often when I find out about drama it's after it's been percolating for a while. I understand where you're coming from and I really do hope that your test comes back negative. Good Luck bud.

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