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    EDIT: Always make sure you didn't forget to turn rich text paste back on because if you don't, you might end up posting a chapter with no formatting whatsoever and don't realize until like 3 hours after posting gdi

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    I'm updating today


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    hey so you know how I was like "I'll update on the 5th!!"? well so about that

    I'm updating today


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RariTwi Post · 1:38am July 27th


I'm going to share random RariTwi stuff and headcanons, which will mostly be my twitter shenanigans because I think that would be nice and fun

that's the point of the blog, so here we go

ok I'm all done for today

thank you for attending my ted talk

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Comments ( 26 )

Oh my God I can’t stop laughing. This is amazing and wonderful.

Twilight blurting out her thoughts on the throne is a delightful mental image.
:trollestia: "It took me fifty years to get out of the habit. Don't worry, they'll forget you ever did it in a few generations."

Twilight trying to get a special somepony to hold her hand is amazing and I wish I'd thought of it. I may need to reverse this for Sunset Shimmer and equine signs of affection.

With regards to Darlingvision, ponies are color-coded for Rarity's convenience. I imagine she can at least hazard guesses. (Though the first time she looked at Rainbow Dash with glasses on must have been a revelation.)

That crossover honestly sounds amazing.

Artist's depiction of the Weaponized Library.

These are great. Put a massive smile on my face. Thanks for sharring them here. Also I love the Donald ones and kind of want to see more of that idea.

When you become a famous writer, I am going to find the TEL/TEK references, go to one of your book singings *in a RariTwi T-shirt* and get you to sign your book as Monochromatic as well as your pen name. Mostly because I have a feeling it'd get at least a smile out of you. :raritywink:

Seeing these in my Twitter feed was such a delight then and they are such delights now. :raritywink:

And Twilight's reaction isn't challange accepted? With the full power of sociological science and the resources of Equestria backing her? You're the one who wrote that proposal story.

Why don't blogs have a like button yet?

but heisenberg rarity!!!!!

Darn it Mono. I think my housemates might thing I've gone crazy(er) with how hard you got me laughing.

Well played. And thank you. Helped lift my spirits a bit.

Author Interviewer

That glasses headcanon makes me angry. >:)

I still need to really, passionately insist you turn the Ducktales prompt into a spec script.

I'm gonna hold you to this on, like, a weekly basis.

Beautiful 😭
But how do you do it? Be the captain of, what at the time was considered, as a bizarre ship?! Owo
Recently trying to helm a New Werid ship myself;

it’s sadly under maned at the moment as it seems I’m the only one Writting SonTavia and I just can’t seem to find its Enchanted Library or Pinkie Pie Swears yet -/-
How do you do it with RariTwi? :/
Basic version unless you got the energy or time :pinkiehappy:

Okay, Mono. As the premier writer of RariTwi, you are now obligated to write that "I love you more!" fight as a short story. Oh, oh, you can put it in the Princess Rarity universe!

Absolutely fabulous, Mono, darling!


I always thought:

It would work well in a "Big Bang Theory" spec script, too, with Sheldon being a secret Brony...


I would love to see you write that "I Love You More" fight...If it isn't too much to hope for, that is :twilightsheepish:
I think the bg!AU would fit that quite well. :scootangel:

In Soviet Russia, books hit you!

Love the Rarity using "Darling" as a dodge for massive nearsightedness. Not sure if it works for the practical reason that she then goes on to point out miniscule details of the addressee's garment, but it's funny nonetheless.

You can't stop there! I need more RariTwi adorableness! You are a terrible peddler of hilarious and adorable RariTwi goodness.

Maybe it's more her being in the zone then?

"What a wonderful dress. You're wearing, darling."
"Well, you made it, duh."
"Yes, now that you mention it. I made that one for Pinkie- oh, hello Pinkie!"

As you said, funny nonetheless :D

That might work. :twilightsmile:

We social media now

Yay yay I love these

Maybe rather than shortsightedness, Rarity has face blindness (prosopagnosia) - or some pony equivalent? She can see intricate details of fabric, but just doesn't recognise ponies based on their faces and appearance. After too many mistakes she stopped using ponies names.

You might ask "how can you not see that this pony is pink and that pony is blue?" but the same is true of real people with that brain condition.

I can't find the like button for blog posts so here's a comment of me saying I liked it instead.

I could hear it in Donald's voice, too...

rarity: god I hope I'm cuddling the correct purple shape
a very confused starlight: ?!?

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