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just another brony with random story ideas.

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Spike? · 3:44am Jul 26th, 2020

So, sidenote - working on some commissions and planning on having those come out soon but I have also been putting a decent amount of work into backstory shenanigans for Spike. His life with Celestia and Morigan. His path on becoming Captain of the Elite Knights. Why the enchantment on the armor even exists. And of course

All the wonderful drama in-between. Example - Spike has been in at least 2 romantic relationships in the Discovering Universe (on a side note - Shining Armor has also dated before being with Cadence)

Any questions about my favorite dragon-kin? Ask here! Will probably answer in "Discovering Friendship Explained" Won't be too spoilery here in order to save most of the bits for the backstory but willing to share some fun-facts.

Also thinking of doing a Fun-Facts type series thing

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I have a question for Spike regarding dragon-kin.
Are there dragons and, by proxy, dragon-kin that are able to utilize elements other than fire as a breath weapon?
Like lightning bolts, plumes of frost, acidic deluges, etc etc.

Dragon-Kin and Dragons are a mix-match of the Elements of the world. Pretty much every Dragon can breath fire with it color matching their Soul. Elder Dragons are easily able to breath multiple Elements. Spike can't quite exactly breath anything other than Fire at this time, but has the potential to.

Question that just popped up in my mind... Are Dragon-kin born from the.... Consummation of a human and a dragon?
If not, is there a term for offspring born as such?
I would imagine this question could also extend to most if not all other kinds of Beast-kin, but i am specifying Dragons because... This is about Spike.

Beast-Kin are Humans born bound to the Animal kingdom rather than to a spectrum such as the main races. Dragon-Kin are a rare form of Beast-kin. Spike even moreso is a rare breed. can't say much more beyond that without heavy spoilers.

Unrelated note: i am the only one asking questions on this post.... Why do you think that is?

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