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Pins are arriving! · 8:47pm July 25th

Hello everyone! According to USPS most of the pins sent to addresses in the US are already arriving! (With just a few still in-transit) How about those of you that have gotten them post your pin picture in the comments?

If anyone is still interested in getting pins, I still have some for sale, just contact me directly via PM!

Report Wanderer D · 200 views · Story: Sunset's Isekai ·
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Comments ( 26 )

Hey, D!
I got mine today, and here's the pic of it:

PROBABLY gonna be wearing this either on my ballcap or my purse-strap.
But I got it, and that's what matters.

Thanks again, hun.
I love it!


Got mine! Have no idea where I'm gonna put it yet, but I'm still hype nonetheless!

You might wanna change your pic, you probably don't want to broadcast your name and address to the world and whatnot, figured I'd say something regardless, heh

5321662 Ah, good point, and I shall do that.
AFTER dinner.

Got mine! Though getting photos online is actually something of a hassle for me. Still, it looks great!

Got mine. Love it.
I wear special glasses though, so the colors looked a bit off.
Hmmm... still a little muted.
Nope... just not doing it. How should I proceed, that is a problem. Hmmm.
SOLUTION! Add ALL the UV to the world.

Excellent. Now my eyes can bleed multidimentional UV and be happy.
Incidentally, I LOVE how the darkest color becomes the most vibrant under UV.

Hop over to IMGBB. It's free, temporary if you want, and links just fine.

Okay, let's try this again:
This is on my St. Louis Cardinals ballcap, just so you all know.:raritywink:

My pin just arrived this afternoon. It looks great! Thank you, WD!

5321985 How do you mean?
You click on the link, you see the picture.
EDIT: Fixed. I got an imgur account.

Naw man, try imgur or something.

5322027 I hadn't thought of that.
I may just do that.
EDIT: Done!
And the shorter link is MUCH better, I must say!

Pin's look great. Still waiting on mine.

Got mine yesterday, which was fairly exceiting for me.

It is a bit smaller than I thought, but I have a really bad since of scale though so it stiall all good. Planning on pushing it into my cubical at work along with some other fandom pins I have.

Thanks for the swag.

Nice pin and cap! Glad I could help.

5322366 Thanks, and I really appreciated the help!

Mine arrived! Can't get a photo atm, but it's pinned on my Convention chain next to my Luna on Coffee button.

My pin arrived today. Pretty fast, considering I'm in the UK. Fimfic doesn't let me upload an image in the comments, which is a pain. Have to provide a link, which is a ton of hoops to jump through. =(

Wanderer D

5323228 you can upload it to https://imgbox.com/ if you want :) But I'm glad it arrived so quickly!

Got mine a few days ago, just forgot to post here until now.


Not sure where I'll put it in the future, but for now, it rests at the base of my monitor with some of my figures (I have more figures than space).

Just got my pin today and it looks awesome

Finally tracked mine down, someone thought the pin was for them.

Ah, I missed this blog! Mine arrived about a week and a half ago :twilightsmile:
I added it to my Dead Tree Pony Collection for now :yay:

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