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He's Gone Feral: But He Laughs Like A Clown (This Screenplay I Wrote) · 7:00pm Jul 25th, 2020

This is a screenplay I wrote to this my favorite song called HAHA, by Lil Darkie. I showed it to a friend saying, "This song screams Passion Fruit, and I love it," and she replied "Ha! It even sounds like him," so, I'm writing this screenplay. For better context on Passion's tone, I'd listen to the song first, or while you read the screenplay. Enjoy!

(Passion Fruit, at at least twelve o'clock in the morning is still laying on the couch laughing hysterically. Ocellus walks into the living room, clicks the lights on, and looks around. The TV is off, so there should be nothing to laugh at, but... he just keeps on laughing. Getting closer to the mad pony, she eventually tapped him on the shoulder to ask him what was so funny...)

"Passion... Passion, why are you laughing?"

(Passion Fruit grunts, hopping up and off the couch to begin his reply...)

"'Passion, why you lookin' so sad?'"

"Go and take a walk, or write a song up on your notepad,"

"For what you have, you should be grateful, why aren't you more glad?

(Ocellus looked confused... she had no idea what he was on about, but she was sure that he was mocking her, or something...)

"'Yo, keep on killing shit,'"

"'I'll see you later,'"

"'Oh, for sure, man,'"

(Once he was finished with whoever he was ranting about, he looked into Ocellus' eyes and lifted her chin so that she was looking right back at him...)

"It's been a fat ass minute, ain't been feeling RIGHT!"

(At that moment, when he bellowed right at her, the lights went out for a minute, but she could still catch a glimpse of his razor-sharp fangs and his bright, pupil-less, yellow eyes...

But with another flash, everything was normal, including Passion, who turned away with his head low...)

"A hypochondriac, dissatisfied, my room got no light at times,"

(He turned back to Ocellus again, a bitter smile on his face...)

"Fuck all of the people judging,"

(He pointed to Ocellus...)
"You got no right,"

(Then, to himself...)
"...And neither do I,"

"A sight of new eyes,"

"A side of you cries,"
(Ocellus looked away at that statement, but almost immediately after she turned around, Passion Fruit was right there...)

"Man, it's been a minute, I've been feelin' BAD!"
(Everything went dark again, and all Ocellus could see were Passion's bright, yellow eyes as he crept closer...)

"But I been fighting,"
(Everything suddenly went back to normal as Passion whipped his head to the side, walking in the other direction... something inside of Ocellus told her to follow...)

"I'm enlightened to the fact that I have limited time,"

"I get to spitting these rhymes,"

"And lay a shit in your mind,"

"They want these lips intertwined,"
(At that moment, he turned to Ocellus again, slipping his hoof behind her neck and bending down to gently nip her ear...)

"So they can leave me behind,"

(Ocellus grunted as she pushed him away, but he only got angrier as his teeth started to sharpen again...)
"But I won't submit, I will SURVIVE!"
(The room went dark again as he lunged at her, fangs bearing viciously as he seemed like he was about to slaughter her right there...)

"Go make a difference while you are still alive,"

"To be the bigger man requires that you're standing high,"

"The bigger man, the more time he fall, before he die,"

(Ocellus just wished the lights would come back on, and that Passion would quit messing with her. He was being loud, and the whole world was loud, and scary, and petrifying, and...)

"There will always be a clown around to fake a SMILE for you!"
(...But when the lights came back, it was even worse. Passion shed tears, but continued to front a smile, even as he looked like he was about to fall apart...)

"Running through a town laughing 'I despise you too,'"
(Raising his hooves and rubbing his temples, he couldn't help it as he started laughing again...)

(Ocellus collapsed, shielding her eyes in fear...)

"Oh, did I SURPRISE you? Cool!"

(Passion gazed up at the ceiling, taking deep breaths and trying to restrain himself. As he recalled a few things from his childhood, though, it became extremely difficult...)

"Get up!"

"Do I gotta...?"

(Standing up tall, Passion Fruit snatched Ocellus' hoof and aggressively pulled her from the ground...)

"Why don't you ARISE, you fool?!"

(Smacking his hoof away, Ocellus turned to run, but...)

"Look at me, I put a face on-- WOW!!"
(Passion Fruit gripped her face and turned her right back to face him, where he was wearing a candid smile, and his face was rid of any sort of anger whatsoever...)

"Look at me, I put a face on when I go-"

(But as he laughed, his pupils drifted slowly in opposite directions...)

"Laugh at the clown and his makeup,"

"How does he feel when we wake up?"

(Ocellus looked around in confusion, assuming he wanted an answer to his question, but suddenly, in a weird, glitchy flash, he saw creatures dancing around to his melancholy tune...)

"I don't know, and,"

"I don't care,"

"I'm unaware of how he's faring,"



"...At him so intently,"
(Every single glitchy hologram of each creature abruptly fused into one, and that was Passion Fruit...)

"At the fair, inside the tent he-"

(The room went dark again, and the holograms came back, only, they were all screaming at the rapidly growing Passion Fruit...)



(Roaring, Passion swiped away at the holograms and turned to Ocellus, seething with anger...)


"How the fuck did we ever put a stick in our moon,"

"It's funny, I'm a cartoon!"

(Everything in the room turned pastel yellow, but Passion Fruit stayed the same...)

"But keep it realer than a bitch,"

"Or her partner that wanna feature,"

(With the razor-sharp blades he had for claws, he lifted Ocellus' chin...)

"Lemme teach ya how I deal with these reachers that tryna leech us,"

"Keep the fuck to myself,"

(The holograms appeared again, dancing around like little puppets...)
"And my spiders, we throw a circus!"

"For the good of my health,"

"I make it entertaining the purpose of it,"

(Everyone began laughing. Ocellus couldn't help it; even she began to giggle from the little puppet show Passion was putting on... after the giggle, however, she gasped and quickly put her hooves over her mouth... )




"Sing along, have a ball, when the clown slip and fall,"

"HA, HA, HA,"

"HA, HA,"

"HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA,"

"When the jester gets mad, put a gun in his hand!"

"BA, BA,"

"BA, BA,"

"BA, BA!"

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“Heh. Well that was something.”


"Where... where was Oculus during all this...?"


"Oh... did something happen? Cause I slept like a rock..."

Oculus! Did you seriously not see any of that?

"Any of what? I was busy, y'know, sleeping. And funny thing, I had a dream about clowns. Like, everyone was just laughing hysterically."

...That's basically what just happened! How could you not have woken up?!

Don’t mind him. He can be a heavy sleeper.

Yeah, that makes sense...though still...wow...I didn't know Passion was capable of being that scary...

Pfft. You thought that was scary?

I mean I’ve seen scarier.


"I was in a deep sleep, duh."

"I'm so confused..."

"Hey gang! How are we this morning?"


Like that one Pharynx x OC story. That counts, doesn't it?


Oh yes, that definitely counts as scary...just maybe don't say it too loud, Pharynx might hear

Um...Passion? Do you...remember what you did in the last...maybe five minutes or so?

"Oh, funny you ask. I was laughing at one of my favorite TV shows. It was about this clown that everyone was using for entertainment, and they always waited for him to slip up and do something bad."

Oh...so...you don't...remember anything unusual?

"Oh yeah, Ocellus was trembling through the whole show. Like, especially when the clown brought his weird puppets out and everything."

"It was funny how the clown turned into this weird monster and ate everyone in the audience though."

Oh...um...Passion, are you sure that's how you remember it?

"I mean... the lights went out a few times."

"How do you not remember?!"

"Oh yeah! I sang a song!"

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. So, um...what do you remember about that song?

Sounds like one interesting show.

"Umm... lights went out a few times, and when they did, there was this weird bass boost sound I don't remember being installed in this house..."

Okay....anything else?

"These hologram things were yelling at me, and I transformed, and, uh... hm."

I have several questions.

"Well, I circled around the house a few times, yelled at Ocellus a few times, got ready to eat her, but I changed my mind, um... what else...?"

Um...Passion...you do realize how bad that statement sounds, right...

"Hmm, I don't see the problem."

(Ocellus hugs him tightly, burying her face in his neck to protect herself from... him...)

Passion...Ocellus is scared...



"What's she got to be scared about? It's not like I wouldn't eat anyone else."

Passion...just because she knows you'd never do that doesn't mean she's not scared...

Has Oculus drugged you recently? That would explain the odd occurance. And the near eating of Ocellus.

"Oh, come on, she wouldn't be scared if she just paid attention to the deeper meaning of the song."

Passion...sometimes the deeper meaning is lost to those who focus on how scary the rest of it was.

"Trust me, if I did, I would've told you."

"Okay, okay, whatever, I get it, Ocellus was scared. It's not my fault she doesn't suffer like I do!"

I'm not saying you don't suffer, Passion...I'm just saying that she's scared...

”Well— well what if I just... snapped? If I just took her by the neck and bit into it?!”

(Passion Fruit lifts a terrified Ocellus’ head up and presses his muzzle to it, his teeth showing just barely...)

”Why don’t I just give her something to suffer for?!”

(Passion stops, then takes a deep breath as he lets Ocellus go...)

"Okay, okay, that was mean of me."

Yeah, that's something not even I would do without good reason.

Understatement, but yes, essentially.


”Oh, so I’m guessing everyone is just perfect, right? Just perfect people looking at the clown who can’t even get one thing right.”

No, no one's perfect Passion, we're not saying that

”That’s what it fucking feels like.”

Well, we're not saying that. No one's perfect, we never said that

"Okay, okay, I get it. Just... just shut up already."

"Jeez. Who put steroids in his anesthesia this morning?"

Well, if we're being serious then probably you, since you've done it before

”Well, who’s gonna neuter the dog?”

(Passion transforms and throws Oculus against the wall...)

I’m not a dog!

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