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    Edit: starts in an hour!! you can watch here > https://ponyfest.horse/neural-net/


    Guess who's going to be in a romance panel at Ponyfest this Saturday? It's me!

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    TEK Stuff (Edit)

    EDIT: Always make sure you didn't forget to turn rich text paste back on because if you don't, you might end up posting a chapter with no formatting whatsoever and don't realize until like 3 hours after posting gdi

    hey so you know how I was like "I'll update on the 5th!!"? well so about that

    I'm updating today


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  • 2 weeks
    TEK Stuff

    hey so you know how I was like "I'll update on the 5th!!"? well so about that

    I'm updating today


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Shirtposting · 11:04pm July 24th


So, every year, a bunch of us from my patreon server try to make it to EFNW and we collectively call it "Enchanticon". Last year, we had a really cool Enchanticon RariTwi shirt, and we were going to do the same for this year, but then Covid-19. We postponed our original 2020 RariTwi shirt design for 2021, but today we were joking around and came up with an actual shirt for Enchanticon-At-Home.

After some debate, I decided to share it outside the server because it's funny and there's no harm in doing so. In the spirit of last year's Enchanticon, the shirts are priced basically at cost (give or take 1/2 dollars/euros) to make them as accessible and affordable as possible.

Front is references to some of my more prominent RariTwi fics; back is Ducky! I personally really like this because it feels Aesthetic™ and I always really dig more subtle fanshirts.

If you're interested, you can get it HERE!

- Mono

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Comments ( 6 )

Le gasp!

Mono! How could you? Shirtposting? I didn't know you could fall so low!

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.... but it's true........

Mono, what has happened to you! You've gone degenerate!:derpytongue2:

well this is ordered. i will wear it...and when people ask me why i shall say with PRIDE! Raritwi is life!!!! especially TEL-TEK!!!

I thought that said Skirtsposting ,and I thought to myself, "There aren't nearly enough gifs for a Skirtspost."

Yay! Just ordered mine.

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