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Just Wondering · 1:18am Jul 24th, 2020

Once the fifth generation comes out, will you guys maybe keep writing current generation stories? Thank you, My sister Tia.

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If it’s still an interest of mine at that point, then I’d say yes! It’s a fun show to go back to and watch the old episodes too, so I’d say a lot of people would still be writing for it even after gen 5 airs.:twilightsmile: but who knows? Maybe we’ll gen 5 will be crazy good and we’ll deem it worthy of many fanfics!:derpytongue2::raritystarry:

Yeah. Makes sense.

I plan to.

Along with g4

Yeah, of course! G4 is best G!

Well, yes, it is the best so far. But who knows? We could be proven wrong when five comes out.

I doubt anything after G4 will be able to hold a candle to it, unfortunately. The community is going to slowly die, as all communities do, but hopefully we can stave it off as lomg as possible. I still want to see pony fics in a decade.

A fandom never truly dies.

Star Trek


Buffy the vampire Slayer


List goes on and on.

The only time a fandom dies is if you let it, and even then it does just for you

I know right?? G4 is soooo good:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: I’m interested to see what they cook up for the next gen!

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