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I am a fanfic critic i will give your work a number from 1 to 200

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Fanfic idears for this Sunday · 1:04am July 24th

Fanfic 1 the minds if beavis and butthead take over everyone.
Fanfic 2 twilights holiday in corsica.
Fanfic 3 bevas and butthead take over the legion of doom

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Comments ( 8 )

Quick question, can't you write them?

Quick question you can borrow my ideas if you like or can have them I don't mind

All my ideas I don't mind if everyone takes them

No..... Your ideas are yours. For someone who joined last month, you have a lot of ideas.

Please check out my story broly and cheelai naw life equestria and live a comment

uh.... Link please?

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