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Falling Out · 9:17pm Jul 22nd, 2020

(Ocellus was sitting peacefully in the living room, and suddenly, a giant portal opened in the ceiling with two creatures falling out of it. Then, it closed...)



(Passion Fruit, in his pony form, and Oculus were now lying on the ground, one on top of the other, and both groaning in pain...)

”Okay, look... that was my bad. I-I couldn’t control it! You were prodding too much, and—“

(He could say no more as Oculus decked him in the face... he fell to the ground...)

”Oculus! Why would you do that?!”

”Because he deserves it... all he’s been putting me through, and I can’t even slap him...?”

”That wasn’t a slap... you punched him. And now he’s got a black eye...”

”Oh yeah, you’re just so worried about his perfect fucking face.

”Oculus, it’s not like that, and you know it!”

”What, you’re telling me he was licking you, but as a friend?!”


”Look, that was my fault, I’m sorry... it’s like... it’s like having a bad fever dream... whenever I transform, I can’t remember anyone except for... for the people I...”

(Passion Fruit trails off as he stares into Ocellus’ eyes...)


(Ocellus watches reluctantly as Passion Fruit is thrown out of the house...)

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Oculus! That was uncalled for!

”No. It’s called preventing your girlfriend from getting with some other guy.”

Oculus, how is this any different then what happened with Pentagon? The roles are just reversed. Pentagon kissed you, you rejected him, but Ocellus still freaked out. Passion grooms Ocellus, she makes it clear she doesn't like him that way, and now you freak out.

(Ocellus looks away and blushes a little...)

”See?! See what I mean?!”

Oculus, that does not condone giving Passion a black eye and tossing him out!

So when he transforms he becomes like a big, pony-sized dog basically? Don't know about you but I wanna keep him.

”Except it does.

(Passion Fruit grunts as he drops in from the ceiling...)

”I really need to work on my portal jumping...”

He becomes more of a giant, furrier, mutated pony. But sometimes, with dog like characteristics.

Try using void portals, much easier to use compared to regular magic portals.

No, no it doesn't Oculus.

You too? Yeah, the Ether always spits me out and I have to catch myself.

"I don't use just regular magic. I combine my own with ether magic."

"Mhm. Either way, it makes it nearly impossible for me to not be able to enter a building."

"You've got two seconds before I knock your teeth loose..."

Then I'll take advantage of those two seconds. *wraps him in purple light and pins his limbs to him* there. Now, Passion, go ahead and talk.

"Well, I haven't much to talk about, but the way I can use my magic. There's portal jumping, of course-"

(In just a moment's time, Passion turns himself into a hologram, then seems to wave his hoof through his physical form...)

"I can do this, too, without unicorn magic. But my horn doesn't really work that much outside of those few abilities."

You could say that.

That's cool. I meant about why you came back, though...not that I'm saying you should leave, of course! Just...you know that Oculus is mad at you...

"Oh, well... if you're talking about whatever beast thing I turn into, I guess I'm just... less angry. When I turn into that, my rationality gets weaker. My dad gave me an entire 'beast management' list of things to look out for before he died. In reality, I guess I haven't really seen that much in action. All of it just turns into a weird fever dream..."

"I think you're forgetting something..."

"Oh, um... I didn't get to finish my sentence earlier before Oculus threw me out. Have I really been sympathizing toward one individual in my mutated form?"

Sort of...though that seems to be the way it works with secondary demon forms, only sympathizing with one or two others due to not having a clear mind...

*adjusts his crooked glasses* "I see..."

"Not with that black eye, you don't."


"Oh, it's fine, I could always give him another..."

*his fangs begin to grow as he releases a low growl* "Don't forget what I'm capable of..."

Oculus, stop it. Now.

"No, no, go ahead. I dare you."

*growls again* "Don't. Push. Me."

"Both of you, stop it!'



(Passion Fruit snarls as he presses his muzzle against Oculus'...)

"Grrrr... I'm about ready to turn you into a roast bug sandwich..."


Belay that! Continue fighting! I haven't eaten today and this is the most chaotic energy I've seen in a while. Plus the fear radiating from Ocellus is wonderful.

No. No no no, go elsewhere for your food, no violence!

*heavy breathing* "Ocellus!"

(Passion Fruit whirls around to Ocellus with his fangs bearing...)


"Why do you put up with him?!"

Passion, calm down, please


(Passion Fruit slams Oculus against the wall with his newly grown claws...)

"I should kill you..."

Nay! The anger he is putting out tastes good, very good. And thick, almost like caramel.

Passion, please! Calm down!

Don't encourage this!



(Passion Fruit lets Oculus go, but not before throwing him across the room and into the other wall and roaring loudly. Then, he mutates even further and begins destroying everything in the room...)

Fine, only because if they do fight it'll be over shortly and nowhere near long enough for me to gain any more sustanace from this.

Okay, I'm shutting this down before he destroys the house. *Wraps Passion in purple light and pins in front of Ocellus* Here, Passion, focus on Ocellus.

*Eyeroll* Or because they shouldn't be fighting in the first place?


(Mutated Passion shrinks back to his regular self...)

"Haha... Hi, Cellyyy..."

"Um... heh... missed you, too."

Hey, I don't bag on your eating habits. And besides you aren't part changeling or a void user/being so it's not like you know how much of a toll it takes on me to maintain a non-frightening physical body.

*Smiles* Knew that would work. Feeling calmer, Passion?

*blushes* "Hehehehehe...."

"Yo, I think he's lovestruck."

Fair enough. Still, there's got to be another way you can get the energy you need. Ether walking burns a lot of my fuel too, so I carry around chocolate bars and other snacks in it's pocket dimension. Also, I do know how it feels to be a changeling because I can do this *transforms into white colored reformed changeling with purple accents, then back into a Pegasus*

Pentagon? Seriously, where do you keep coming from, dude?

(Just like that, he's gone...)

"...lovestruck my ass."

Don't act like you don't know what it's like to know someone like that *cough* Pentagon *cough*

Trust me when I say that I have tried. Physical food only does so much, and with my true form being mainly a shadowy mist like substance it doesn't exactly work the same. I usually compare it to trying to plug a banana into a wall socket. Doesn't do much except make you look dumb.

"Shut up. I mean, it's not like she likes him."

(Meanwhile, Ocellus is stroking Passion's mane...)

"How do you manage to keep it like this when you transform? Doesn't it ever get messy?"


Ah. Still, surely there's a couple having a fight somewhere you can feed off of, preferably who won't lose control if they get too angry.

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