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    Ponyfest Romance Panel

    Edit: starts in an hour!! you can watch here > https://ponyfest.horse/neural-net/


    Guess who's going to be in a romance panel at Ponyfest this Saturday? It's me!

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    TEK Stuff (Edit)

    EDIT: Always make sure you didn't forget to turn rich text paste back on because if you don't, you might end up posting a chapter with no formatting whatsoever and don't realize until like 3 hours after posting gdi

    hey so you know how I was like "I'll update on the 5th!!"? well so about that

    I'm updating today


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  • 2 weeks
    TEK Stuff

    hey so you know how I was like "I'll update on the 5th!!"? well so about that

    I'm updating today


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    TEK Hiatus End + info

    Hi everyone!

    Gonna keep it brief because I don’t have a lot to say except for the fact that the TEK hiatus will be over Sept. 5th.

    I am estimating that by then a lot of my current life goings (work, moving to an new apt, etc) should be finished so I’ll be good to be back on track by then! I’ve also done a lot of self-care and resting so I’m more energized.

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    Hi everyone!

    It's currently 4 AM and I'm having a lot of... thoughts, I guess? Some bad, some good, but I can't sleep so I guess I just wanted to air them out because it feels important to do so.

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I hope y'all like Outer Wilds · 6:20am July 22nd

because my yearly non-RariTwi fic sacrifice to the friendshipping gods is a crossover with it because I love,,, Outer Wilds,,, so much,,,,

*cries in Solanum*

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Comments ( 21 )

Just starting on the game. I assume spoilers in the fic?

only on one thing but it's enough to make me say you should probably wait until you're done with the game to read the fic!

Thanks! Hopefully it won't take me long.

...to figure out how to pilot the dang ship, that is. :twilightsheepish:

Just to reiterate the comment from the video:
I wish I could forget everything about the world so I can relive the experience of exploring it again. 🌎😢

Yes, I love that game so much! Looking forward to reading^^

Great idea. Are you focusing on the Hearthians or the Nomai? Because I could totally see Twilight being responsible for the orbital cannon, or her freaking out on Ember Twin like Chert.

Comment posted by Deadweight deleted August 23rd

Well, when you're done with Outer Wilds, you may or may not enjoy this too (warning: spoils everything):

I noticed the autopilot about halfway through the game. Saved me so much useless flight time after that.

I also want to give Solanum a hug.

Thanks for the pro-tip.

(Ducking out of comments now to avoid casual spoilers. :pinkiehappy:)

The Nomai! Specifically, this is gonna be a series of vignettes focusing on a tentative friendship between two characters associated with the moon

God, same. I’ve literally tried to get everyone I know to play it so I can relive the first time experience vicariously through them ahahah

Fabulous game! One of my favourite of the last decade!
Can't wait to see the story! :D

I played this solely because of you! I'd never even heard of it before but it was great

Comment posted by Deadweight deleted August 23rd

Hey Dead!

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure how to advise you here. What I did is just explore and follow the leads that are marked in the console inside your ship. Another option is honestly maybe just watching a let’s play of it? Or look for a guide online.

You shouldn’t have to force yourself through a bad experience if the game isn’t vibing with you, though! The writing of the game isn’t just with the characters, but also the exploration and environmental story-telling, so if you’re not enjoying that, it’s no surprise you’re not getting the bigger writing aspects of it. If it’s not working out, that’s also okay. Not every game is for everyone.

But yeah, at this point I can only really advise either a guide or a let’s play, maybe?

I’m so happy you liked it!!!! It’s one of my favorite games aaaaaa

I just realized I like, totally forgot to answer the actual initial question lol The game itself is roughly about... 20-25 hours?? I would say. Just really be sure to follow the breadcrumbs left by the Nomai writing

It’s a lot about following your curiosity and trying to piece together what happened, so using the ship’s logs and guide really helps

Comment posted by Deadweight deleted July 22nd
Comment posted by Deadweight deleted August 23rd
Deus #21 · July 23rd · · ·

Outer Wilds is a fucking gift, it's a literal Epic of a journey, and it's culmination near moved me to tears. Honestly a solid 10/10

Not to mention that OST, holy shit

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