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Shameless Plug for Good Writing · 3:43am Jul 22nd, 2020

So, my last blog blew up!

Thank y'all for reading my 3 AM rambling about how left politics work. And if you want to do some follow-up reading, please check out this post by Heartshine, which talks about the division between oral and print cultures as they relate to class, and why they make it harder for leftists to transmit their ideas to the people who most need them.

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Thanks for pointing me towards that, I’ll look at Heartshine’s other stuff.

I suppose the online version of oral culture is when you’re only reading the posts from your friends and family. And watching the opinion videos from people you’ve agreed with before.

I learned a lot better when I got to talk to teachers one on one. I did form personal relationships with them yes, but I think my learning style just relies on asking a ton of specific questions. Having the teacher to myself or just a few people helped me feel I could dig down into minutia, and not feel like I was slowing down the group.

I also typically need repetition as memory retention for new fields... I guess it’s weird to think that my Aspergers/Wingers (or just the stress from adjusting to it) would shift me towards impoverished styles of learning. Even though I come from an upper-middle family, and loved reading from a young age.

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... I found something about hierarchy yesterday ... care to provide some reflections?

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