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Rekindling Friendship · 7:57pm Jul 20th, 2020

”I knew you’d show up again.”

”Of course. And I, uh, made you a flower crown. Heh.”

(Oculus levitates the flower crown over the glass screen and onto Pentagon’s head...)

”Aww. Thank you.”

”I, uh, made it at the school. I volunteered to teach one of those weird arts and crafts lessons or whatever.”


(A few weeks after Pentagon got out of Juvie, him and Oculus sat up against a tree at sunset...)

”Y’know, oddly, I feel like I shouldn’t be here...”

”It, uh, might be the atmosphere.”

”I guess.”

(After a time of silence, Pentagon begins to lean on Oculus’ shoulder. He thinks nothing of it. Because friends do that sometimes...)

”I’m glad you aren’t trying to ruin my life anymore. Now we’re just... good friends.”

”Yeah, heh...”

(After a few seconds passing, Pentagon takes it upon himself to quickly and... passionately kiss Oculus... on the lips...)

*pushes him off* “Dude, what the fuck?!”

”Sorry, I’m sorry! It just— it just came out of me, I dunno!”

”What... the... fuck?!

”I’m sorry!”

*exhales sharply* “Look... how about... how about we just never talk about this again?”

”Talk about what again?”


”Hey, Ocellus, um... luckily I may have been able to get a job at the school, so... hooray, I guess...”

”Glad you’re home. Ready for an impromptu ‘cuddle’ session?~”

”I, um... m-maybe... I-I, um... I gotta... go do some paperwork... for my, uh, new job...”

”W-Well, okay... just come to bed soon, okay?”


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Huh...Oculus, you okay buddy?

”I’m thinking the same thing...”

”Uh... y-yeah! I’m, uh... fine... just a bit, uh... busy. Yeah, that’s the word...”

”W-What...? W-What’s up...?”

Is this about... *looks around for Ocellus* About...what happened? With him?

”I-I dunno what you’re talking about...”

*Deadpans* Oculus, I don't do it often but I can use the Ether to see into any parts of Equestria-including see what's going on in said areas. I know you've been feeling angry often lately and decided I'd try checking on you every now and then, just to make sure you're doing okay. Lying is a waste of time.

*turns away* “I still have no idea what you mean.”

Alright, be that way. So you know, I won't tell Ocellus. I know you pulled away, and while it's none of my business on whether you liked it or not, I will not bring it up to her in any way, shape, or form. Though you should probably go to her before she gets worried she's done something to upset you.

”I... just don’t know how to... go to her about it...”

If you don't feel comfortable explaining to her about it at the moment, just tell her that you have a lot on your mind and don't really feel like talking.

”It’s just... you know how she is... if I tell her that, she’s just gonna ask questions...”

”Ask questions? About what?”

Nothing Ocellus, we're just talking about...*flash of purple and journal appears* one of my stories, I wanted Oculus' opinion on it. He was saying that he had a few questions for me about it.

”Oh. Well, what’s it about? I’d love to read it.”


Um, it's about... an alternate Equestria where the kingdoms are at war. I'll show it to you later Ocellus.

”Well, okay. Um... Oculus, are you coming to bed...?”

”I’m, uh... I’m going out, Ocellus. I’ll see you later.”

*Facehoofs* Well, I tried...

“What’s going on? Is he okay?”

He's... he's fine Ocellus. He's just had a long day, mentioned something about having a lot on his mind. It's nothing you did or anything, don't worry.

”I can taste guilt, you know.”

“No, I mean, from Oculus. He’s guilty about something.”

Oh. It's probably just leftover guilt from the hitting you incident. Don't worry Ocellus. I'm sure if he was nervous or guilty about something he'd talk with you about it.

*sigh* “Unlike... that time...”

I know... but he'll come around

”I hope so...”

”He will. Trust me...”

Gah! Okay Pentagon, I know you're not mean anymore but you need to stop appearing out of nowhere


”Pentagon, do you know what’s going on with Oculus...?”

It's fine. But he doesn't know, I've been checking on Oculus periodically since he got out of the hospital and he hasn't seen Pentagon all day.

”Heheh... yeah...”

”Well... okay. As long as—“

Ocellus, I kissed Oculus!


*Facehoofs* Pentagon...ixnay on the isskay

”I’m sorry, I can’t help it!”

“Wait, you did what? You fucking what?!

Ocellus, it's not what you think!

”Where’s Oculus?! Where the fuck is he?!”

”Okay, calm down...”

”Where... where is his gun...?”

”I’m going to fucking kill you!

“Woah, woah, calm down—“

”His gun! His gun, where is it?!”

Ocellus! *Surrounds in purple aura and pulls back* Calm down, let him explain!

”Let... me... go...”


”Don’t you even call me by my name, you... boyfriend stealing asshole!

Ocellus! He did not steal your boyfriend!

”Hey, gang! How’re we—“



”I’m... I’m just gonna head back out.”

No, Oculus, you get back in here and explain to Ocellus what happened because she's not listening to Pentagon


“You... you cheated on me?!”

“H-He came onto me! I pulled back and fussed at him about it and everything!”

It's true. He asked him what the heck he was thinking and told him never to do it again, Pentagon, tell her!

”I-I... I...”

It's okay, she won't lunge at you. Just calmly tell her what Oculus did after you kissed him.

“He, um... he did yell at me... a-and he was freaking out about it the whole time, too...”


*blushes* “And I don’t regret it.”

”Dude, what the hell?!”

”I’m not going to lie to her like you did!”

*verbal frustration*

Pentagon, sometimes it's better to withhold information. Not necessarily lying but just...not saying everything

”I’m going to murder you!!!”

”Calm down—“

(With enough angry grunting, Ocellus was able to change into a bugbear and literally crush Oculus. It’s okay though, everyone was able to hear his confused and terrified rambling from under her...)

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