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who kidnapped atlus to be competent? · 7:34pm July 20th

also my SMT brothers! RISE UP!

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I was just wishing for a Nocturne remaster just the other week, way to be on the ball Nintendo.

I will need to see gameplay before I decide to buy SMT 5. Been burned one to many times.

TECHNICALLY, you shouldn't be complimenting Nintendo. You should be complimenting Atlus.

Grahf #4 · July 20th · · ·

very true I only said nintendo because the announcement was at a nintendo mini direct


True, and as far as I know, these two games are Nintendo Switch Exclusives too.

from what I read the nocturne remaster is going to be on Switch and PS4 while SMT 5 will be just on Switch


Ah. Well either way, we finally have some new SMT games coming. That's all that matters right now.

RISE UP!!!!!

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