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    'Useless' Fact

    Black Harbringer, GrUToS Lacan, ReBliss Serenity, and Sapphire Breeze shares a 'middle name': "Gestalt"

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  • 2 weeks

    "I feel like its been centuries... What is this, 'Run 1845'? I don't think I can be the nice ""mare"" anymore. But, I have to wait until I get back...This will hopefully be my last cameo. Time will not reset this 'time'."

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    Make that ‘three’


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  • 3 weeks

    What The hell is going on in this site!?

    This is why I both love, and HATE people.

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  • 3 weeks
    I like Bacon

    "aaaab baaab abbba baabb aabbb aabaa baaab babba aabbb bbaaa babba aabbb bbaaa babba abbba babaa ababb aaabb bbaaa abbba babaa aaabb abbba baabb aabbb abaaa baaba baabb abbba abbaa aabaa"

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O&"}{s/.Z}%sz(/.ev(.|}#/M.Vovov/ · 4:44am Jul 20th, 2020





Don’t deny it.”

”As the four of us...”

”We know things.”

”What? Heheh... well... you don’t need to know.”

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