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Lord Weesus Christ

"You cannot conquer Ireland. You cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win by a better deed." - Pádraig Pearse

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  • 73 weeks
    Long walk off a short pier

    Clearly I’m late to the party because I actually have a fucking life unlike the shitbirds on this site trying to claim having sex with children is okay

    If you are one these people, please do as the title of this blog says and subsequently do the people of this site, and the world, an honorable favor for once in your life

    Ty that is all

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    im a sellout (aka 50 question blog)

    1. What is your first name:


    2. How old are you:


    3. What country are you from:

    The US

    4. What do you really look like, pictures are acceptable:

    5. What do you wish you looked like:

    longer hair, and my long beard back.

    6. How did you come across My Little Pony:

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    current state of matters

    there is no real racial bigotry, you're all equally worthless.

    that is all.

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    Discord Server

    Hey all, its been a hot fuckin minute since i did, well much of anything on here. But those of you bother sticking around, good on ya and thanks a bunch, those that didn't, i understand.

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    Question Thread for 24x24 podcast

    Because I’m a dumbass and didn’t realize the last thread I posted didn’t have it
    Anyway, enough self deprecation, here’s the thread! Now go ask our guests a bunch of questions!

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current state of matters · 11:43pm Jul 19th, 2020

there is no real racial bigotry, you're all equally worthless.

that is all.

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ice star > foolish humans

The fact that that image uses two different fonts is killing me, you fucking monster

Take my kids

You don't get to love me

Not with that font discrepancy openly mocking our existence

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