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Hospitalized (Again, Wtf) · 9:01pm Jul 19th, 2020

”He’s only suffered broken bones. Nothing major. How many times has this guy been shot...?

”Thanks...” *strokes Oculus’ head* “I just hope he doesn’t do this again...”

(Upon Ocellus touching his head, Oculus transforms... into a kitten...)


”...Well, following that notion...

“Oculus may be stuck in that form for a while, considering the drastic damages done to his body. And that note is only made in exclusion of how he just transformed.”

(Ocellus couldn’t listen. Instead, she found herself preoccupied with stroking Oculus’ royal blue fur. As soon as he sleepily leaned into her touch, he began purring...)

*giggles* “Oh, Oculus...”

Comments ( 8 )

I know it's sad he's in the hospital but gosh darn it that's so cute!


“Hehe... so is he...”

I don’t think now’s the time for that...

Hehe, d'aww...little kitten Oculus...

Yeah, you're right...

Considering that he's now a kitten maybe we should take him to a vet? Or even Fluttershy maybe?

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