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I love reading, running, and traveling. My goal is to heal others; Trauma is my Trade ~ let’s get you back in the fight!

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Broadsword Old Gladiator Werepony OC · 1:32pm Jul 19th, 2020

Broad's cutie mark is blue like celtic war paint, its a Dara knot. This gruff stallion has had a rough life, he is rough around the edges but is still a formidable fighter. He had closed himself off to most creatures after he escaped the PIT that is until he meets a young wisecracking outcast who taught him how to open up, only to let another lost youth into his heart later; they could never replace those he lost but Broad sees them as family. Broadsword has a brand on the bottom of his chipped hoof, he was a slave fighter in the pits of Yakyakistan. Cheers!

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