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  • 19 weeks
    Signal Boost

    With only a few days left for it, it has been brought to my attention that EponaFest, an upcoming Italian MLP convention, is currently running a crowdfunding to support the event. It would be great if you could spread the news around and/or donate money to the cause, provided you have it available. They're even giving out gadgets if you donate.

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  • 96 weeks
    "And believe me, I am"

    Still Alive

    Guess who's coming out with a new story and a new chapter in a few hours?

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  • 105 weeks
    "that sounds like a lot of work"

    Because I'm bored, I'll be keeping a list of the fics DLS has reviewed for his contest. If you want to see just a table of scores rather than links to the stories where you can scroll down and look at the reviews themselves, Gara is compiling a list here. Otherwise:

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  • 107 weeks
    The Pool for DLS's DLC is up

    You can find the voting pool for Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest here. This only affects a couple of the prizes, but it's a nice way to let people know you appreciated their stories. Or you didn't. A lot of writers took part in the contest (I was one of

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  • 117 weeks
    So about my next fic pt. II

    I have a version of the cover that's okay with the mods. I'm not posting it today though, Buster has decided to dump his old shit on the site again today and fuck no, I would like at least a shot at getting some views on this after all the shit I had to go through, so I ain't posting it while everyone's busy jerking off to that.

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"And believe me, I am" · 2:21pm Jul 18th, 2020

Still Alive

Guess who's coming out with a new story and a new chapter in a few hours?

I'll be getting through my backlog of commissions and Patreon requests in the coming days, and sorting out some issues I had with Paypal. Except new stories from me soon. Once I'm done with that, I'll make a new blog detailing my new Patreon setup (currently I have everything paused) as well as a more detailed explanation of commissions and new prices.

In the meantime I hope y'all are having a nice day.

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Good to hear :)

aaaand the story is gone. Let me guess, you hit the line where the fimfic staff officially say the story cover was porn?

No, actually. It was the description that seemingly gave off underage anthro vibes. If it was just the cover they would have nuked that alone. The cover is a problem though, fixing it right now.

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