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Free Speech And Why Limiting It Works For It's Perpetuation · 2:00am Jul 18th, 2020

Hello, this is my first ever blog on FiMFic and it is very much inspired by my recent participation in comment chains under Titty Sparkle's blogs about current events.
I am strongly interested in preservation of free speech and human rights, it's a basis of my beliefs and views about the world. I want to present my thesis that limiting the extent of free speech is important towards extending and maintaining it.
However one thing about believing something for me is that you need to question your own beliefs and why you hold them. How you hold them even. And without giving into reasons why you might believe that human rights are worth protecting, there are two ways to hold such a belief.

  1. Principle
  2. Consequence

If you believe that Free Speech must be upheld out of the principle of maximizing free speech, it may seem self evident that protecting freedom of extremists and criminals to express their mind is the right thing to do. Such an outlook is at the first glance correct, and I would fight under it for extension of voting franchise to imprisoned population and offer them better ability to exercise their free speech. However, it ignores not necessarily maliciously a glaring problem with such an absolute approach. By allowing people who hold views that some people inherently deserve violence, death or misery to test waters and occupy our spaces we are in turn limiting free speech of people who are affected by those views. People who won't feel safe, people who can be harassed off the platform, people whose lives already contain suffering and they don't want to justify their right to exist. In that way we are opening an avenue for one group of people to speak, but it closes that ability for many more.
Another issue with absolute approach to free speech is that by allowing people who want to dismantle free speech to freely express their views, recruit vulnerable people and organize we are making it easier for them to gain power and destroy the right of free speech in a much worse way than TOS on the web.
Therefore, if you believe in maximizing free speech, perhaps counterintuitively limiting ability to express some views is a better way to do it.

One of the most dangerous things about allowing absolute free speech if you believe that free speech is ought to be defended because it allows for better outcomes is that absolute free speech can lead to much worse outcomes.
There have been plenty of real life examples of this, white nationalist terrorist attacks often leave behind a manifesto, which points to what led them to act that way. And just like with Christchurch shooter, many of them are radicalized by spreading of insane conspiracy theories and hate speech of big online figures. Lauren Southern is egregious in that way for popularizing The Great Replacement conspiracy theory.
While in the age of internet organized terrorism is dying out, a new form of terrorism is taking its place - stochastic terrorism.
Most of what I have said with maximizing free speech out of principle also applies here, so long as you believe that minorities that get their voice strangled by presence of alt right deserve to have their voice heard too.

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Just wanna thank you for having a good chat in DM's! I can get your frustration in the blog, and I really do hope you have a great rest of 2020 :)

Thank you for speaking out.

You just defended Somber's right to have underage rape scenes in Project Horizons you know

"Have you ever heard about charitable treatment of people's statements?"
"I just want to give people charitability of interpretation they deserve."

So people who write nazi fiction under the guise of 'jokes' should not be tolerated, but those who repeatedly write """"consensual underage sex"""" should be "given charity of interpretation" huh?

You're letting your real colors show with this blog post and all I see is rot.

Where have I said anything about letting people write child porn? I'm genuinely confused and seeing that you use some of my comments under other blogs there, I'm not sure how you missed like fifteen comments just arguing against foalcon?

Yeah keep telling yourself that while supporting an author and a story that has this as a "oopsie so sorry for awffending pweople uWu" as a header to a chapter


Take the log out of your own eye before you try to pull ones out of others. Especially since yours has started to fester and become gangrenous.

I'm not a patreon supporter of Somber, also even if I was some secret endorser of child porn (what a weird case it would be for me to argue against it then huh) it doesn't mean that this blog is in support of it, or that the point I'm making is wrong. One can be a hypocrite and can be right.
But I would really ask you to stop slandering me.

I honestly don't know where you get that from. There's a separate argument to be made against the underage rape scenes in Project Horizons and it's that it normalizes pedophilia but this blog isn't a defense of that unless you're specifically looking for this to be the case.

Do you have a sort of hate fetish? It seems you quite like to attack and criticize things while using insane slanderous talk. If you've any idea what you talk about the author of this blog argues fiercely against foalcon and the like because it normalizes pedophilia. I would recommend taking a good look around. Maybe you'll realize you need to pull your head out from where the sun doesn't shine.

"fiercely argues against foalcon" while dismissing mountains of evidence of an author who repeatedly writes and exposes their desire to include underage rape as 'not direct evidence' and who hang around and support people who covered up 3 pedophile scandals in their own Discord.

I don't need to read any more rhetoric to know that it's all self flagellation

Apologies, I can't help but notice your insistence in constantly name-calling and expressing disgust or labeling these comments as "showing your real colors", "fester and become gangrenous", and "self-flagellation". Is there any ulterior motive behind it?

Perhaps, if you really do believe this about the author, would you care to demonstrate in concrete and less insistent ways the evidence you have for your claims? Or are you going to continue to slander this for some unknown reason that I would almost certainly think is some sort of self-pleasure activity for you?

I haven't seen any evidence of that honestly. Also I haven't even talked about Somber anywhere so I don't get where this is coming from.

5317380 I'm all in favor of canceling people who are a conspicuously fond of writing child pornography (a controversial stance here on fimfiction dot net, home of foalcon fridays, trademark pending), and I've been very publicly critical of PH's approach to sexuality, myself.

And I can't help feeling that your ire here is horribly misdirected.

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